Mushroomhead Halloween show 2023

Mushroomhead’s annual Halloween show in Cleveland Ohio! Thousands roll into town for the home town show. The Halloween show has always been the most anticipated show of the year for the diehard fan base. The War Machine was in full force and ready to unleash madness on the home towns, Cleveland Agora. Steve Raukhorst and Scott Beck are an amazing front line duo, bringing high energy and amazing vocal talent to the stage. Steve and Scott live for the larger shows, it gives them the opportunity to get out in the crowd and stand on your face!!!!! These two guys just bring amazing vibes and talent to the band! Mushroomhead is always evolving, and I know it’s never popular when members leave, but keep in mind, Mushroomhead is bigger than any one member, it’s a family and still going strong 30 years later!

Mushroomhead has always been known for bringing up young talent in the band. They start with being crew and techs and work their way up to actual roles within the band. Speaking of young talent, Aydin Kerr has worked his way up to the drum kit for Mushroomhead and this kid fucking rocks. I have had the pleasure of watching Aydin prior to joining Mushroomhead and this young man just amazed me with his performance Saturday night! I also want to give a shout out to Jordan and Simon who got the opportunity to play water drums.

Jessica Haney (Roxy) made appearances on stage dancing and throwing balloons around, bringing the old school vibe back for those of us that have been around for awhile. It’s great seeing Dave Felton aka Gravy back on stage, it definitely made a lot of Cleveland fans very happy. Jackie Laponza brought her beautiful vocals to the stage as well as her usual crowd walk with the fans. Watching Joe Gaal on guitar was pretty damn cool and he even managed to slide into the annual Mushroomhead fans group photo along with Roxy.

Ryan Dr. F on bass was all over the stage creeping and climbing the water drums and keeping the rhythm section flowing with Aydin on drums. We all know the talent Dr. F brings to the table as a musician and an artist. Diablo blasted the water drums a bit before grabbing his spotlight and jumping into the pit for some crowd walking.

I have to admit it’s great seeing Skinny on the water drums more, it was awesome, you can tell he loves the water drums and uses the opportunity to splash as many people as possible. Horns up to Skinny and the crew as well as the great security and staff at the Agora for making 2023 one of the most memorable Halloween shows for Rock Lines Magazine.






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