Bittersweet Revenge Turmoil EP Review

When Cleveland’s Best Rock Band, Bittersweet Revenge reaches out, you do a little happy dance and reach right back! I’m thrilled to review their new EP “Turmoil”.

Speaking of Cleveland’s Best Rock band, the band commented, “The Cleveland Music Awards was an unforgettable experience. We were all so shocked and excited that we won because we were up against some really talented Cleveland rock bands. And of course we have our amazing friends and fans to thank for voting for us.”

My comment is that that it’s no surprise these guys would win. Bittersweet Revenge is how “Rock N’Roll” is spelled. Not only do they put out great songs, and kickass good times at their shows, they are the Ride or Die of Rockers.

The latest from our best rock band in the land is “Turmoil”. This 5 song EP is everything that you would expect and more.

Pushing Daisies” opens up with a buzzy intro that lets you know right away that you’re listening to Bittersweet Revenge. The layered overdubs add a tease of ear candy, while the vocals come in SWEET. This is a bluesy tinged song, interlaced with a heavy backwoods style rock. Only the most legendary musicians can pull off this type of vibe. The music mesmerizes and leaves you hanging onto every note, with a bombastic solo that’s the cherry on top.

Next up is “Rabbit Hole” that draws you down into a deliciously dirty groove. This song has a swampy, bayou vibe that is awesomely filthy. The mix is innovative on genius levels, the way it plays with highlighting and then sinking the vocals, putting the instruments on top, and then back into the mix – very cool! The drums are tuned in perfectly and the guitars know just when to buzz and when to overdrive. The rhapsodic solo will definitely put a smile on even the most critical rocker’s ears.

The third track, “Tell Me Something Good” starts off with smooth, melancholy vocals that intro into a new mix. We’ve left the bayou now we’re walking down an abandoned city street, either very early in the morning or very late at night – depending on how you look at it. I literally had shivers going down my spine. Call me jaded, but it takes a lot to leave me speechless and this one is THAT GOOD. It is a testament to the musicianship of these guys to keep the soul of their sound, while breaking out into new territories at the same time. Bravo!

Mikey is proving himself to be a strong and compelling vocalist to lay over, under, and throughout the magic that only Bittersweet Revenge knows how to produce. “Control” highlights those vocals. This is a song you listen to when you’re fed up and ready to break the world open and make the type of changes that brings a whole new level of epic. I dare anyone to make it through the guitars on this one without making a seriously nasty face. (For those of you who know who my husband is, you know that’s a strong statement) Seriously, I triple dog dare you!

If a band has the brass ones to cover the greats, such as Billie Holiday, they better BRING IT and Bittersweet Revenge does just that with “Gloomy Sunday”. They brought this song up to the times yet kept the haunting dynamics and jazzy roots. I think this might be the song I want playing every time I enter and then exit a room.

If you haven’t wrapped your ears around “Turmoil” yet, you are going to kick yourself for what you’ve been missing. Go Get It, and let me know if you give it five stars too.

You can catch Bittersweet Revenge in action December 9th at the Foundry in Lakewood. Or check them out at their online entities:

And check out the video:

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