Spurge “Crown” EP Review

What happens when you mix a gospel drummer, metal guitarist, and jazz guitarist?

You get something so outrageously decadent that your minds are about to be blown!

Seriously, this band is ushering in a new era – of a brand-new genre – that will take the rock, jazz, and hell, pretty much every other genre by storm. I’m privileged to tell you all about a band that you are sure to totally dig – Drum Roll – Spurge! Their new six song EP, “Crown” is something you must check out.

“NC Flow” is the first track starts out chill, with a beautiful jazz bass and hip-hop vocals, before opening into spoken poetry with horns and a smoky, fusion mix that’s brilliantly delivered.

The second track, “Neumatic Weiner Tube” and has a New York Cabaret vibe, like those little out of the way places off-Broadway that look like a regular bar in front, with an exclusive theater in the back, like a delicious secret – where only the best performers are invited to play. It’s off the beaten track for sure (in the best of ways), it’s smooth as silk, with a layer of psychedelia that fills me with happiness.

Quick Side Note: These musicians are wonderfully comfortable in their space and know how to develop intriguing progressions that will keep the most jaded critic hooked.

“57” is up next and is a statement about the international pandemic and how ridiculous it can get being on lock down – and how the fates can weave their unusual threads in unimaginable ways. (I hope the number 57 is now an indicator of how things can get really good though!) The flange sound is an excellent icing on the cake in this one, and the mix is out of this world. (Check out the video below).

After the transportive vibe of “57”, “A Skunk in Possom’s Clothing” comes in with a sort of garage band vibe, if your garage houses Bentleys and Lambos that is. It’s so chill, yet upbeat at the same time and they way the timing is played with is peerless. While “Neumatic Weiner Tube” took me back to New York, “A Skunk in Possom’s Clothing” puts me in the Baltimore Inner Harbor where the jazz was improvisational, yet world-class.

“Furud” has smooth vocals and feels like a relaxed Sunday morning, sipping latte in the city, just watching life go by. It has a lot of high-end to it that adds a hopeful vibe with creative effects bringing in an otherworldly experience. I don’t want it to end, yet….

“Traveling” is the final track and it’s evident that these are masterful and unique musicians who create the most amazing music, and it feels like they aren’t even trying, this is just who they are. This song is focused, yet incredibly expansive.

I’ll be keeping an eye on Spurge; I think this band is going to create a true statement in the industry.

Crown” was mixed by Dom Gryzbon and includes solos by Phil Vasta, Nick Landt, Charles Von Kanel and Greg Hendler.

Spurge Is:

Jen on bass (Berklee grad, gigging musician) Charles on guitar (gigging musician, gear head and tech wizard) Marlon on drums (musical family, marching band, gospel, R&B) Ben on lead guitar (gigging musician, shreddy Krueger)

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