Cleveland Alt Rocker Advises Purging Your Demons This Halloween

This is just what we all need for this time of year! Alt Rocker Steven Mercyhill’s latest offering, “Purge Your Demons” is a standout new song about a type of demon that can be even scarier than the run of the mill Halloween type. And, you can sing along! Check out the press release and lyric video below:

Just in time for Halloween, Cleveland Alternative recording artist, Steven Mercyhill, is releasing “Purge Your Demons”, the 4th single from his upcoming album, Nonfiction, due out early next year. While some previous releases from Nonfiction have featured contributions from such notable producers and mix engineers as Sean Beavan (Marilyn Manson, Nine Inch Nails, Pucifer), Michael Seifert (Bone Thugs-n-Harmony, Tori Amos, Fountains of Wayne), Jim Stewart (Welshly Arms, Eddie Levert), this time, Mercyhill did all the production for “Purge Your Demons” himself as well as having played all the instruments. “I’ve really spent a lot of time and effort over the last half year trying to level up my producing game and, hopefully, that will be at least somewhat in evidence on this release. I’m quite pleased with the way this one came out” Mercyhill explains. 

While the title of the song, as well as its dark and haunting vibe, does suggest its suitability for providing a fitting soundtrack for the rampaging hordes of ghosts, vampires, and assorted netherworld denizens that descend upon us this time of year, Mercyhill concedes that the song is not really referring to that type of demon. “It’s not really about actual demonic entities, it’s about being haunted by the past, the painful memories or recurring regrets that tend to rear their heads during sleepless nights or solitary moments of reflection, that you just can’t seem to get rid of.” 

Accompanying the release of the song, is a lyric video or, more accurately, a hybrid video (i.e., a lyric video with some additional visual elements mixed in) that Mercyhill created which is something of a departure from his 3 previous, far more ambitious and elaborate, music videos. “As much as I enjoyed making them, and as proud as I am of my 3 previous music videos, I started to come to the opinion that there was so much going on visually with those that they may have been more of a distraction from the music than they were a vehicle for it. So I greatly simplified things this time out and was struck by how much better it seemed to support the song rather than compete with it for attention. I honestly like it about as much as anything I’ve ever done because of that, despite its simplicity.”, Mercyhill says. 

“Purge Your Demons” is live and available for digital download or streaming as of Friday, October 22nd and can be found on Spotify, Apple Music, Amazon, and all major music platforms. To learn more about Steven Mercyhill, visit his website:


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