RAVEN BLACK Bring their Metal Carnival to THE VORTEX

October 20, 2023 (Akron, OH)

The Black Hallows Tour invaded The Vortex. We were glad Raven Black made Akron (OH) a stop on their trek through the midwest. With support from Cultus Black, Casket Robbery, and Dying Oath, it was a night for some dark music.

With three of the four bands featuring female vocalists, it was also a night to celebrate rock ‘n roll women. With a heavy lineup with varying styles, it made for individual memorable performances.

Dying Oath © 2023 Allen Heimberger – Rocklines Magazine

Southwest Virginia’s Dying Oath was the first touring band to grace the stage. Co-vocalists Mindy Jackson and Nestor Idler made for a great dynamic with Mindy handling the guttural metal side of the vocals while Nestor provided exceptional clean vocals.

Self-described as modern metalcore, their sound was tight and presented with urgency. With a set full of great songs, they were an enjoyable band to listen to as well as watch. Check ’em out if you’re a metal core fan, you’ll be adding them to your playlist.

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Casket Robbery © 2023 Allen Heimberger – Rocklines Magazine

It was time for some brutal death-metal. The Megan Orvold fronted Casket Robbery hit things hard, and did not let up. Her unrelenting guttural vocals were front and center as the band hammered away and had the crowd stirred up.

Holding down this lineup’s heaviest slot this four-piece Wisconsin band was impressive as they changed up the groove from time-to-time serving up a fast-paced stage show. Welcoming a local vocalist to the stage about halfway through, offered up some dueling guttural vocals.

To sound this brutally heavy yet clean is a challenge, but Casket Robbery has the formula.

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Cultus Black © 2023 Allen Heimberger – Rocklines Magazine

Cultus Black featuring L as the cult leader and singer entered a pitch black stage. Accompanied with their own stage production, the set was performed very low light that was programmed and in sync. This made for a foreboding feeling as the rest of the cult was wearing dark clothing, and masks with only eye holes cut out.

Their style of Nu-Metal was very polished and melodic at times adding a stark difference to L’s growls. I’m sure they welcomed some new fans into their cult tonight.

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Raven Black © 2023 Allen Heimberger – Rocklines Magazine

It was time for headliner Raven Black. There were plenty of rejects in the crowd tonight, including many VIP ticket holders. Raven made sure to work the crowd up close and personal throughout the set, being sure they know they’ve been anointed.

Opening with “Hear Me Cry” and “We Are the REJECTS“, the latter of which refers to their fanbase, and previously mentioned “rejects”. The use of stage props helped solidify the song’s themes as they carved through their set.

Raven’s vocals range from clean to a dirty/raspy growl, differing from normal metal vocals. Her vocal stylings change as often as the song structures, moving between metal and ominous.

Their music definitely has a carnival type vibe as they use various sounds effects to drive that home as in the their final song “Carnival”.

Their show is a great theatrical presentation, giving plenty to the eyes, as well as the ears. If you haven’t had a chance to catch Raven Black yet, put them on your list.

A timely show with Halloween just around the corner, their themes resonated that much more.  The only thing going bump in the dark tonight was Raven Black!

With plenty of dates still available, hopefully they are in your area soon.

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