Everclear – Live at The King of Clubs

February 18, 2022 – Columbus, OH

Hitting the scene in 1995 with Sparkle and Fade, Everclear rose up as a staple of nineties rock. They would focus on the first three albums tonight with a seventeen song set that would last just under an hour and a half. This was a welcomed experience.

The King of Clubs was the perfect venue for the gathering of Everclear fans tonight. Featuring a very high stage, you could see the performance clearly from anywhere from the GA floor.

Everclear at The King of Clubs ©2022 Allen Heimberger – do not alter image


Firing things up with So Much for the Afterglow, Everything to Everyone, and Heroin Girl, they had the crowd partying along like it was yesterday. Everclear’s music is just a relevant today as it was when it was released. Art Alexakis was never one to shy away from personal lyrics that resonate with so many people. Those lyrics are no more prominent than on Father of Mine which is one of the most painfully beautiful-sounding F-U songs ever written.

As they ripped through their set Art mentioned he is just about to turn sixty years old – but what are you gonna do except enjoy live music. It was a mirrored sentiment with much of the crowd, which contained many of us along the same ride he is – watching time fly by as we continue to rock out.

Art Alexakis of Everclear ©2022 Allen Heimberger – do not alter image

As they continued through their set, Art gave big thanks to his band mates on stage, and rightfully so. The band sounded fantastic, and Art’s vocals were great.

Moving around the stage when solos allowed for the abandonment of microphones, the band gleefully played off each other. They surely appeared to be having fun through the entire performance, and that is an infectious thing the crowd absorbed.

With a set full of classic Everclear songs, and even a small piece of some Zeppelin as a tease, it was an enjoyable evening from the first song to the last. As they finished up I Will Buy You a New Life, they exited the stage to catch a short breather.

Art Alexakis and Dave French of Everclear ©2022 Allen Heimberger – do not alter image


After a very short break, they returned for a three song encore. The encore would start off with Summerland. Art then made a comment about the outside temperature here in Ohio, which was around 17 degrees tonight. He asked the crowd if they want to take a trip to the beach. Just like that Everclear ripped into Santa Monica. The crowd went crazy. The lack of people recording videos ceased as cell phones were risen into the air to record this crowd favorite as everyone was singing along.

After a huge applause following Santa Monica, and figuring it was the end of the night, the band fired up a cover of The Vasoline’s Molly’s Lips in the style of Nirvana. Everyone seemed more than pleased with the stellar effort put on by these four this evening.

If you have a chance to catch any of the remaining dates, we suggest you do.

EVERCLEAR PHOTO GALLERY – All photo ©2022 Allen Heimberger


Art Alexakis
– Vocals, Guitar
Dave French – Guitar
Freddy Herrera – Bass
Brian Nolan – Drums

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