Dystopica releases new single as they look to expand their fanbase. We think you should give them a listen!!!

Dystopica promo photo. Photographer unknown.

Connecticut is not your typical hotbed for rock music. Performers such as The Carpenters (Karen and Richard), Michael Bolton, and drummer, Jeff Porcaro (TOTO) are just a few that come to mind.

Dystopica, a three-piece heavy metal band that calls the ‘Constitution State’ home. Lead vocalist, Becky Brideau, founded the band in 2019. Joining Brideau is Rob Muller on guitars, and Erich Bender, the man behind the kit. The trio are very adept to mixing heavy metal, hard rock, and progressive metal into a sound all their own.
COVID hit just before the band was scheduled to play some live shows but those were cancelled due to the pandemic. Dystopica used the time to fine tune their sound. Having performed with several local bands prior to their startup, they should have no issues hitting the road and becoming successful when they finally are able to do so.

Dystopica recently released the newest single “You Can’t Look Away This Time” from their independent EP entitled Perception. The copulation is an amazing piece of work and deserves a chance at becoming a part of your library. Brideau is brilliant with her vocals while Muller and Bender are amazing with their tools of choice.

Take the time to watch the attached video for “The Seasons” to see and hear for yourself the talent that this three-piece ensemble has. There is also a link to our interview with Brideau right below the video link.

Until next time, this is Big L saying, ‘keep those horns up and rock on’!! \m/ \m/


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