The Million Reasons are a must hear band and their album, Haven, is a must add to your library!!

I have been listening to rock-n-roll music for over 50 years. I have been covering it for the past ten or so years. During that time, the one thing I enjoy most is finding acts that are just getting started or just gotten their big break. Afterall, Godsmack, Five Finger Death Punch, The Beatles all had to start somewhere.

Enter The Million Reasons, a Chicago based band that I recently discovered thanks to Barbara Papageorge, who works with Pavement Entertainment. I have been doing interviews of bands for Barbara for several years and have heard many fresh perspectives of the genre.

But The Million Reasons may be the most chameleonlike band that I have had the pleasure of listening to through these sit-downs. They blend and mix the sound of classic rock, with the 80’s, 90’s and a twist of modern alternative rock to produce a sound all their own. Taylor Brennan (lead singer) has an uncanny ability to swing from one era to another and not sway from fashioning outstanding vocal work. Other band members include Dolin Dill, Jason Cillo, Denis Cheng, and Ken Ugel.

“If Not for The Fire” is the new video from their debut album, Haven. Do yourself a favor and watch the video and I am sure you will want to hear more. I’d be willing to bet that you’ll want to add it to your current collection.

(3668) The Million Reasons – “If Not For The Fire” Official Music Video – YouTube

You can also listen to my interview with Ugel pertaining to all things The Million Reasons.

 Until next time this is Big L saying, ‘keep those horns up and rock on’!!

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