Chaos & Carnage Tour Columbus, Ohio

The Death Metal tour of the year stormed through Columbus Ohio like a freight train, leaving nothing but chaos & carnage in its path.

The night kicked off early! the only complaint from the night, was that most of the fans waiting in line missed Distant who was first to hit the stageThis tour proved to many that Death Metal has a rabid fan base and has sold out nearly every show on this tour.

Suicide Silence and Carnifex are amazing live and you must experience them on stage to truly appreciate what these bands have accomplished. Lorna Shore absolutely sets the stage on fire when they play, Lead by new singer Will Ramos. Upon A Burning Body completely threw down a can of Texas sized whoop ass with bodies flying everywhere!! UABB completely blew me away, Vocalist Danny Leal has an amazing stage presence.

Signs Of The Swarm is a band I wasn’t too familiar with, but after watching their set I will definitely be adding them to the playlist. Deathcore Canadians Angelmaker was another favorite from the night whipping the pit into a frenzy getting the crowd ready for the headliners. Now my deepest apology to the band Distant for not being able to get any photos or watch the set but sometimes even the media gets stuck in the long lines.

In closing I will say this, bodies left bruised and battered with no major injuries and with 850 Death Metal fans in attendance that’s great!!!!  The King of Clubs did a great job with the sold out crowd and brought Columbus one fantastic Tour package.




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