Buckcherry and Adelita’s electrify THE KING OF CLUBS along with help from Eva Under Fire, 8lb Pressure and Artifax.


Josh Todd of Buckcherry

Buckcherry was in Columbus at The King of Clubs on July 30th to headline a five-band show. The longtime rockers didn’t disappoint the capacity crowd at the hottest new club in the state. As usual the Buckcherry fellows put on a riveting performance.

Josh Todd (lead vocals) and gang have been around the music scene since the late 90’s, releasing their self-titled debut in 1999. The album was a critical success and was well received by the rock community, having reached gold sales status.

Since then, they have dropped eight other albums including their latest, ‘Hellbound” earlier this year. They have had millions of sales in albums and singles as well. “Crazy Bitch” a single from ‘15’ has sold over 4 million copies itself and has become a fan favorite world-wide.

I have seen the band on multiple occasions and they never fail to bring the energy. Todd is passionate about his music and knows how to deliver a punch. This night was no different. Buckcherry had the crowd revved up, that’s for sure.

Longtime rhythm guitarist, Stevie D, meshed well with the band’s newest member, Billy Rowe, who handled the lead guitarist role and provided backup vocals. Kelly Lemieux (bass) and Francis Ruiz (drums) were exemplary with their rhythm section mastery.

Adelita’s Way

All four of the bands that opened the evening’s festivities had a hand in getting the sold-out venue pumped up. Adelita’s Way took the stage just before Buckcherry and didn’t disappoint. Vocalist Rick DeJesus commands the stage and puts everything he has in to his performance.


AW built the fans into a frothy lather for Buckcherry. The fans were passionate and extremely boisterous. Trevor ‘Tre’ Stafford, one of the founders along with DeJesus, is tremendous behind the kit while Andrew Cushing packs a punch with his four string. Travis Stanley was a smooth operator on the six strings.

Eva Under Fire is the lone band that I have never had the opportunity to see live. After a few technicalities, the band didn’t take long to earn a new fan.


Eva Under Fire

EUF hails from Detroit and is led by the powerhouse lead vocalist, Amanda Lyberg. She is a natural in the lead role, grabbing the audience’s attention with her showmanship then putting a stranglehold on them with her amazing pipes.

Rob Lyberg and Chris Slapnix controlled the six-strings with Corey Newsome (drums) and Ed Gawlik III unloading the thunder. Eva Under Fire is definitely a band worth watching. Very entertaining.

Columbus staple, 8lb Pressure, and newbie, Artifax, opened the night. It was my second time seeing Artifax and they continue to improve. They have a great sound with an absolutely talented singer in Bash Shock.


He is backed by Stephen Mayhew (bass), Troy Carter (guitar) and Tim Dillard (drums).

I’m not really sure what more I can say about Brandon Seymour and the rest of 8lb Pressure that I haven’t already said. This local group is the epitome of what local music talent is all about. They always put on a power-packed show. Joining Seymour on stage was Rob Mutchler (bass), Mike Grund (guitar), Roman Martinez (guitar) and Bryan Mcinturf (drums).

Brandon Seymour, lead vocalist for 8lb Pressure.

To sum things up Buckcherry and Adelita’s Way proved why they have been around for so long. Eva Under Fire showed they had the stuff to make a long run in the business themselves. Meanwhile the local boys of 8lb Pressure and Artifax once again were stellar and can entertain with the best of them.

In closing, I’d like to recognize the staff at TKOC. Once again, they went above and beyond to prove their advertising slogan ‘The King of Clubs, where you’re treated like royalty’ isn’t just words. The entire staff really goes out of their way to provide outstanding entertainment in a safe atmosphere with quality service and a friendly smile.

Until next time this is Big L saying ‘keep those horns up and rock on!! \m/ \m/





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