THC puts on another great performance at Smugglers Run in Wyandotte, Michigan. Bullet To The Heart and Gravel added to an electrifying evening!

Texas Hippie Coalition

I traveled to Wyandotte, Michigan on July 23rd to watch yet again a Texas Hippie Coalition performance. My 2023 concert schedule has been inundated with THC shows. In fact, I have witnessed at least one show on every leg of the band’s 2023 tour. That includes a trip to Colorado and two more in Ohio. I was also in Oklahoma City for their annual family reunion.

I can now add Michigan to the list and will soon put South Dakota and Montana among the states in which I have watched my favorite band perform.

For those of you that know me, you know that seeing a concert in all 50 states is on my bucket list. That goal doesn’t necessarily mean that the concert needs to include the boys from Texas, but I can’t think of a better way to fulfill the list.

While it was great to see THC and Gravel (a band from Colorado City), the opportunity to check out Chicago-based and Pavement Entertainment artist, Bullet To The Heart, was a prime reason I made the effort to take the trip north.

I recently interviewed the band’s lead vocalist, Audrey Queen, and was intrigued. It was also the chance to see a band that I have yet to see. I enjoy new music and discovering the multitude of talent that the music industry has to offer.

Bullet To The Heart absolutely put the icing on my cake with an outstanding performance. Queen was tremendous, not only with her vocal work but also in her and the band’s presentation. The group’s lineup includes Draven DC on drums, Tom Monroe (bass) and Brian Benischek (guitar).

Collectively the foursome showed exceptional musicianship and the love of their craft was proven on the stage. They had the Smugglers Run crowd enthralled, including myself.

Bullet To The Heart

Bullet To The Heart is a must to add to your playlist. I highly suggest that you visit one of their social media outlets to see just how good they are.

Gravel, who I first saw on my trip to Colorado, has quickly earned playing time on my playlist. These guys pack a wallop while giving off a fun vibe from the stage. Their enjoyment of playing runs high throughout every set that I have witnessed. They set the tone for the night with another solid effort.

Troy Kammerdiener handles the mic and plays rhythm guitar for this four-piece band out of Southern Colorado. Joseph Vallejos is mere virtuoso with the lead guitar while Patrick Haling (bass) and Philippe Franco are superb in managing the rhythm section.

Check out their single, “All I Want” on YouTube.

And then there was the Band of Outlaws closing out the night as they usually do, with a fun-loving set that showcases outstanding guitar play from the youthful Cord Pool and Nevada Romo. Meanwhile Laredo Romo (bass) and Joey Mandigo (drums) create a powerful rhythm section that is second to none.

Of course, the band is led by long-time lead vocalist, Big Dad Ritch. The mountain of a man is not only talented as a song writer, but his versatility behind the mic never ceases to amaze me. You may tire of reading of how much of a fan I am of this band, but when you find that something you like that has meaning, you stand by its side.

You need to take a listen to their newest album, ‘The Name Lives On’ so you can see what I’m saying. I would let you listen to mine, but it hasn’t left my car’s CD player since I put it in when I got back from Colorado in April. My granddaughter loves the CD, but she thinks I have a THC addiction (pun intended).


Oh yea, before I forget, Smugglers Run was an amazing venue in which to watch a show. Nestled along the Detroit River, the venue was spacious and had amazing views of the waterfront. The staff were friendly and quick with their services. I will be back, even if Texas Hippie Coalition isn’t one of the bands who are on the card.

Enjoy the photo gallery of the evening’s performance from all three bands below. Until next time, this is Big L saying, ‘keep those horns up and rock on’!! \m/ \m/


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