Poolpartypalooza 23 was a blast to cover

If you like local music scenes like I do, then Poolpartypalooza 23 was the place to be on July 22nd. The event took place at the home of Tony and Amanda Smith in rural Tiffin, Ohio and featured local acts from Ohio and several surrounding states.

Poolpartypalooza was all that it was advertised to be, a big pool party with the addition of 21 bands performing on two stages. The lineup included national recording artist, our friends from Heartsick. The four-piece powerhouse was coming off their performance at Inkcarceration the week before. As usual the Michigan foursome provided the crowd with an electric set that saw lead vocalist, Alfonso Civile, jumping into the pool from the Smith’s rooftop.

To say that those in attendance had a fun time would be a huge understatement. The family friendly event had areas for camping, a food truck, and of course, the use of an extremely nice swimming pool.


Unfortunately, a personal situation arose, delaying my ability to be at the party earlier in the day. However, if what I witnessed was any indication of what the early part of the day was like, it was, no doubt, outstanding.

I did witness performances from eleven of the 21 bands, and I can honestly say that I did not witness a poor showing from any of them. Several bands I had seen before including XFACTOR1, Illusions, The Black Order, Artifax, and Brimstone Coven. Despite that fact, they all delivered impressive sets (I did just miss Illusions) just as I figured they would. Illusions must have been solid because I heard several folks talking about their set when I arrived.

There were five other bands that I was hearing and seeing for the first time. Smith’s band, Yesterday’s Hero, put on a zesty performance including Smith rambling among the crowd while playing his guitar.

Chicago’s Black Road, featuring lead vocalist, Suzi Uzi, visited all the way from Chicago. I for one am glad they did because I was impressed. South Bend, Indiana’s, Beyond the Fathoms, was another act that turned many locals into fans. They were not only strong as a unit, but they also had the attention of the younger fans with their constant bubble maker.

Pittsburgh’s Theriaca and Toledo’s Black Moon Cult were the final two acts that I had the privilege to see and get the chance to capture with my photos. They too were both added to my must see again list along with Dead Cassette out of Northeast, Ohio. They were just finishing up when I arrived. I did manage to hear a couple of songs and I liked the sound and vibes that they were immolating.

Illusions, Demon By Design, Nefertiti, Everything Taken, Extinction Agenda and Spun were those acts that I unfortunately missed. However, if they were anything like those that I did catch, they were solid performers.

I look forward to catching sets from all twenty-one performances in the future. Fortunately, I will not have to wait long to see Beyond the Fathoms with the band performing at the Michigan Metal Fest on August 19 in Battle Creek, Michigan.

Illusions, Demon by Design, Nerfertiti, Everything Taken, Extinction Agenda, Renegade Angel, Pembridge, Earth Below Us, and Spun were the bands I missed. Please take the time to check out their social media accounts and give them some love. Afterall bands like Metallica, Godsmack, and Slipknot did not just start out as massive acts.

Hopefully, I am available for Poolpartypalooza 24. I may just take my bathing suit and even do a little camping. One thing I know for sure, I will be in attendance for the whole event if I am there.

I want to thank Tony and Amanda for the invitation. I would also like to thank Jeremy Schindorff, the N.W.O. metal militia guru, for helping make the event come together.

Please enjoy the photo recap below. Until next time, this is Big L saying, ‘keep those horns up and rock on!! \m/ \m/


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