Bleeding Hearts Massacre

February 18, 2023 (Lakewood, OH)

The Foundry hosted a great night of horror themed rock n’ roll. The show started with Lords of the Highway playing their unique style of “rockabilly” music.

Shortly after, The four members of The Jasons each took the stage with their identities hidden behind their classic Jason Voorhees masks.

Everything was brought together by the girls in the Monster Dolls doing a sexy, yet eccentric performance to the tune of various rock and metal songs.

Lords of the Highway

Lords of the Highway © Max Butler 2023

Lords of the Highway started the night off by ensuring everyone that they only had to “put up with their bullshit” for a short period of time.

It seemed though after the first few songs that the crowd was not only putting up with them, but rocking out to their unique blend of rock and country.

The lyrics had a wide range that went from NSFW subjects to a song about a local staple, Grandpa’s Cheese Barn.

The three piece band that included a stand-up bass player, guitarist, and drummer played rhythm heavy songs with a groove that anyone could stomp their boots to.

The Jasons

The Jasons © Max Butler 2023

After a quick stage change the The Jasons took the stage still sporting their Jason Voorhees masks, as they did the entire evening. The set started fun as the band members exchanged playful banter with the crowd during the sound check.

After the sound check and some more on-stage antics, The Jasons quickly put their in-your-face punk rock sound on full display.

The set continued in classic punk fashion with songs about girls, partying, and giving any sort of authority the middle finger.

However, you can’t have a Friday the 13th themed band without playing some horror themed songs. The Jasons reminded the crowd how foolish it is to be drinking in the presence of Jason Voorhees because, those that have seen the movies already know – unsuspecting teens often get murdered by Jason while partying.

They followed up their warning by playing “Crack A Beer” and had the crowd singing “Why don’t you crack a beer so I can kill you”.

Before exiting the stage the band reminded everyone that they won’t sell-out even if certain record labels do “like their image” and have success with “bands like you”.

The Monster Dolls

Monster Dolls © Max Butler 2023

The sexy, eccentric, and sometimes pure frightening dance group known as The Monster dolls headlined the evening.

The Cleveland based group were excited to be performing one of their rare hometown shows. The girls had plenty of local support and were able to draw a crowd that completely filled the floor in the stage room and even spilled out into the bar.

The Dolls started their show off by showcasing one of their synchronized routines. The stage became a mesmerizing balance of order and chaos as each of the girls danced, contorted, and moved about the stage to music that invoked the sense that you were attending a haunted carnival.

After witnessing their first routine it becomes clear that this is a highly talented group of women that have put countless hours into crafting a unique and entertaining performance.

Most of the girls had time to perform solo routines as well. The music and feeling of each of their personalized dances matched well to their outfits and themes.

The girls would take the stage one-by-one and have several minutes to entertain the crowd at center stage. From a scythe wielding grim reaper to a scarecrow straight out of a halloween movie, each of their on-stage personalities were on full display during these dances.

If you ever get the chance to attend a Monster Dolls show be prepared to be excited, frightened, and entertained as there is never a dull moment.

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