Bittersweet Revenge “A Love Once Lost” EP Review

I remember the first time I saw Bittersweet Revenge work their magic. They caught my attention immediately and kept it ever since. If you’re a Bittersweet Revenge fan you know what I’m talking about. If you never heard of them, well, welcome to the family because you’re sure to dig these guys too!

Forgotten Tales of Heartache, Turmoil, and A Love Once Lost” is a trilogy that Bittersweet Revenge has been hard at work on. “A Love Once Lost” is the first of the trilogy, in a five song E.P.

The first track, “Better Days” starts off with a radio vibe intro and kicks into a buzzy, sludgy-ness that draws you in and makes you forget whatever is going on around you – and Oh My God – who’s that singer? He falls perfectly over the mix. His tone and delivery are soul-filled and takes you on the journey. The guitars play with each other exquisitely. This is the type of song that when you hear it walking into your favorite club, you know it’s going to be a night to remember!

“No Tomorrow” comes in soft and sweet with a percussive/cymbals emphasis – nicely done! It’s laid back, but strong, with the perfect touch of alternative mixing into the bluesy-ish rock n’ roll. Double vocals with the guitar backing and then the solo in the break-down hits the sweet spot. Some light noodling at the end is the cherry on top of this song.

The third track, “So Low” picks up and allows the vocalist to go all out. It’s vicious with a big-ass breakdown. What’s super impressive about this track, and all the tracks for that matter, is how incredibly organic these songs sound. What you hear ARE these guys, they aren’t trying to be anything else, they seriously rock and their musicianship sounds deeply rooted and REAL. They also keep an eye on everything that’s important in great song writing like solid structures.

“Mental Reset” is the best “F*^% You” song I’ve heard in a long time! The rasp in Mike’s voice is outstanding! The drums are solid throughout all the songs and are super cool in this track. The chromatic progressions adds to the sweet chaos. Turn this one up loud when you’re getting ready to rage!

“8 Ball” is the last song on this EP and if “Mental Reset” is a good song for raging, this one is the perfect get amped song! The rocking backing vocals compliment the hook perfectly, and cadence over the music is super tasty. The middle 8 in this song is one of my favorites. These are top quality songs that offer you all the best of what good rock n’ roll is all about.

“A Love Once Lost” was recorded at Signal Flow Studios, owned by Jake Jekyll and Chris DiCola. Chris DiCola mixed the EP and Jake Paster mastered it and they did it right! Excellent job.

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Bittersweet Revenge Is:

  • Mike Patton (Not That One) – Vocals
  • Tom Farkas – Lead Guitar
  • Jake Pence – Rhythm Guitar
  • Angel Vazquez – Bass Guitar
  • Dennis Smith – Drums

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