The Ultimate Doors lit a fire at The King of Clubs with the help of Alecia Houston and the Firmm.

The Ultimate Doors tribute band at The King of Clubs

I love a good tribute band, especially those who emulate performances of band’s that I’ve never had the opportunity to see.

Friday night, I may have watched the best tribute band that I’ve ever seen. The Ultimate Doors’ sound and stage presence is as close to that of the originals that I have witnessed.

Nash Stover’s portrayal of Jim Morris was spot on, not only vocally but in every mannerism possible. He owned the stage and was the focal point of the evening. I’m sure he didn’t grow thinking I’m going to be the best Jim Morrison impersonator alive, but from what I saw, that is exactly what he is.

Not only was Stover amazing in what he did, the threesome backing him up was at the top of their game as well. Todd Huffman portrayed guitarist Robby Krieger to a tee including his early 60’s wardrobe as well as his Gibson guitar.

Nate Shaw on the Gibson organ and Fender Rhodes piano bass, smoothly pulled off the dual roll. Shaw was every bit as talented as the man he was playing, Ray Manzarek. Also, like Huffman, his attire was perfection, right down to his shoes, which you’ll see in the attached photo gallery.

John Densmore was uniquely enchanting as a drummer and Jordyn Huffman’s portrayal of the man behind the kit didn’t miss a beat.

If you didn’t know better, you would have thought the four members of the LA quartet were in the house. The Ultimate Doors tribute band is a must see performance and I certainly hope they’re back in the area sooner rather than later.

Alecia Houston and the Firmm at The King of Clubs.

Alecia Houston and The Firmm opened up the night with an hour-and-a-half set of classic rock-n-roll hits. The band showed a vast amount of musical talent and were worth checking out on their own.

Alecia distributed a great vocal range and it was perfect for the the era that the band was churning out. Ian Houston and Mark See was a dynamic duo on lead and rhythm guitar as well as back up vocals. Meanwhile Mark Lloyd (bass) and Rodney Shifflet (drums) were just as good in taking care of the rhythm section.

All toll, it was a great night of vintage rock music topped off by a tribute to one of the most influential bands of my youth.

Until next time, this is Big L saying ‘keep those horns up and rock on!! \m/ \m/



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