Xael releases new album, Bloodtide Rising via Pavement Entertainment.

Xael, a symphonic death metal band formed in 2018 and based out of the Carolinas recently dropped their latest album, Bloodtide Rising, on February 12 via Pavement Entertainment. The quintet role extreme metal with orchestrations and folk music to give their listeners soundscapes of the imagination.

When listening the compilation, you must start at the beginning and work your way through as Xael leads you on a journey of scientific fantasy. They use their music and words to send you through a world of wastelands to fallen Gods.

Though the power band is basically in its infancy, the members have been around the music scene for some time and are no strangers to touring.

Brad Parris handles bass and vocals with Joshua Ward sitting behind the kit. Both are associated with the group Nile, who have been touring internationally for years. Parris handles the same spots with Nile while Ward is the drum tech for the drummer George Kollias.

Joshua Niemeyer is featured on vocals with Daniel Presnell tickling the six string. Chris Hathcock (The Reticent) also plays guitar and does clean vocals. All three join Parris and Ward as grizzled veterans of being on tour.
Ward recorded Bloodtide Rising, while Jamie King mastered it. All music was written by Xael and has guest appearance from Mathieu Marcotte (Guitarist from Augury and Humanoid) as well as Nate Miller (Chinese Violin).

Bloodtide Rising and the genre that it represents is not really my forte’ but, I did find the nine-song album something that is hard to stop listening to. Once you have started your trek down their fantasy road; you’ll find yourself wanting to find out where takes you.

(2832) Xael – Bloodtide Rising (official) – YouTube

Check out our interview with Josh Ward below as well as the video for the title track from the album.

Until next time this is Big L saying ‘keep those horns up and rock on’!! \m/ \m/


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