A LOST ASYLUM- Interview & Album Review

When it comes to rock music, Salt Lake City, Utah isn’t exactly what you would call a hotbed. In fact, the list of rock stars from the entire Beehive State isn’t too large. Among that short list include The Used, Royal Bliss and Panic at the Disco. Thanks to Pavement Entertainment there may be a new name that can be added to the list. A Lost Asylum is a new signee on Pavement’s artist partnership program.

A Lost Asylum got started in November of 2016 and was touring the west coast within a year. Holly Watson fronts the band while Gil Menchaca and Dante Long (unclean vocals) handle the guitar work. Justin Bell (drums/unclean vocals) and James Roake (bass) make up the rhythm section.

Their self-titled CD hit the shelves and streaming avenues on February 28 via Pavement Entertainment. A Lost Asylum brings a raucous, in-your-face sound with an astounding vocal delivery from Watson. The screams and musical sound aren’t bad either.

Watson’s vocal work has a definite Amy Lee vibe to it. Couple that with the unclean vocals of Dante Long (guitar) and Justin Bell (drums) and you have a perfect mix that is sure to grab your attention. Gil Menchaca and Long shred their six strings with delectable angst while Bell and James Roake (bass) create a thunderous assault with their rhythm collectiveness.

It doesn’t take long for the skin melting to begin as ‘Whore! No More’ immediately gets the listener ready for the destruction that’s about to come. ‘Call of the Void 2’ has a slower intro into Watson’s delivering a flawless start before the screaming jumps in. ‘Poison’ bridges us to the powerful ‘Broken Beyond Repair’ which features a guest appearance from JT Tollas. The punk rocker was a perfect match for Watson.

Things slow way down with ‘Misery’ as Watson serenades throughout the tune with a hauntingly, delicious scoop of perfection. ‘Innocently Evil’, ‘One Little Piece at a Time’, ‘Another Disappointment’ and ‘My Passivity (Destroyed Me)’ all unload a raucous explosion that is sure to delight your earholes.

A Lost Asylum concludes the CD with ‘Safe in Pieces’. Once again the band delivers with exemplary rapture as they close out their first full length release just like they started, with quintessential vigor.

I give the self-titled piece of work an 8. “A Lost Asylum” is a refreshing twist on an old sound that keeps you entertained through its entirety. It definitely deserves a spot in your musical library.

Rock Lines Magazine recently had the chance to have a one-on-one phone conversation with Watson. We discuss the music scene in Salt Lake City, what the band is doing during the current coronavirus and more. To hear the interview, click on the link below.

Until next time, this is Big L saying ‘keep those horns up and rock on’!! \m/ \m/


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