COLD KINGDOM Releases 4 Song EP, Featuring Cover of FOO FIGHTERS “Times Like These”

With the 2020 Coronovirus Pandemic destroying all touring and festival performance plans for Minneapolis’ hard rock unit, Cold Kingdom, the band decided to offer something extra special to their fan base by releasing the Devil in Me EP.  This four track extended play features a remastered take and an acoustic version of their 2019 hit song “Devil In Me’. It also features a special cover of Foo Fighters‘ “Times Like These‘.



We are all going through some difficult times. When asked why they chose “Times Like These’, bassist Jason Michael stated: “we really wanted to make sure it was a song we each felt on a personal level. Times Like These has a message of new beginnings, learning to accept what life gives you, and learning to love each other. With all the crazy things going on in the world right now, it’s a refreshing reminder that things can always get better if you can change your perspective.”

Devil in Me was originally featured on Cold Kingdom’s 2019 monumental album, Into The Black Sky. The reasoning behind releasing it again with a new remastered version is strictly artist taste. “Like a bunch of the tunes off Into The Black Sky, “Devil” really evolved as we went through the writing and preproduction process. We tried a bunch of things. Whole different verses…different arrangements…I think there might’ve even been a different chorus at one point.” states vocalist Elissa Marie.

Devil in Me EP is available for streaming and digital purchase anywhere music is sold!

Click HERE to listen to Devil In Me EP, featuring “Times Like These” cover on SPOTIFY

Born of Minneapolis in 2014, Cold Kingdom is a full-out, juggernaut hard rock band that dispenses a lethal combination of fury and sentiment, delivering emotional lyrics wrapped in an unbreakable hard rock casing.

Cold Kingdom brings an unfailing drive to play energy-filled shows every time they walk on stage, a quality that gets ever-rarer in today’s arena. In their years of performing live they’ve had the experience of touring the west coast in support of Shinedown and opening for acts such as Chevelle, Papa Roach, Buckcherry, Saving Abel, Puddle of Mudd, and Nonpoint, as well as contributing to some of the Midwest’s largest music festivals, including Northern Invasion, RockFest, Summerfest, Moondance Jam, and Halfway Jam. Their first released album, “The Moon and the Fool,” brought their musical dreams roaring to life, with the singles “Crash Poet,” “Let it Burn,” and “Surrender” quickly becoming fan favorites. Their eponymous EP, produced by Shinedown’s Eric Bass, further pushed their rock to an even greater creative edge with songs like “The Break” and “Perfect Chambers”. Their long-awaited full length album release for 2019 represents a creative outpouring for the band, with “A New Disaster” leading the charge.

More than just a band, this close-knit family is always looking forward to new challenges, new venues, and new fans, because that’s what it’s all about to Cold Kingdom: the fans. The Midwest is their home, but they’re excited to grow and make new friends all around the country, bringing their distinctive sound to all corners, both domestically and beyond. Cold Kingdom is also forever thankful to the friends, family, fans, bands and companies that so significantly contribute to their success.

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