K ENAGONIO Releases 1st Single and Video off Upcoming EP-Checkout”BIRDBOX”(Featuring CHVSE)

K Enagonio releases her first single “Birdbox” (Feat. Chvse) off her upcoming EP titled Pandemic.

About this track:
“This track for me was inspired by the film Bird Box, which is made quite clear in the music video. We tried to recreate elements of the movie and, thanks to quarantine, I was able to practice my After Effects skills to change the eyes in the music video to look like the eyes in the Bird Box movie.
I saw CHVSE on a collaboration, online cypher situation with Hi-Rez and Futuristic on Youtube, and I immediately looked him up on Spotify. He recently released his Psycho Therapy album and I couldn’t stop playing it on repeat. I had to reach out to him to see if he’d be down to try some metalcore rapping, and thanks to the power of the internet, we connected and he said yes!
I need to also thank Rian Cunningham, because without him these lyrics wouldn’t have a home. Rian and I started this EP in the winter of 2018 at his house, just outside of Toronto, and we kind of shelved it for awhile. This pandemic sparked something in us to finish this project and we set to work reworking some of the songs and writing a whole new set of lyrics in just a few weeks. We are so excited for you to hear Birdbox and the rest of the EP! “
-K Enagonio

About K Enagonio:
Born and raised in Oklahoma, K moved to the United Arab Emirates at 16, with her family. She graduated from high school and began studying film in Dubai. Her first assignment was to film a documentary, which ended up covering her neighbor’s rottweiler, Gorm, who was rescued from an illegal dog fighting ring.

At 19 she moved to Perth, Australia with her father, graduated film school, started a band, and at 20 relocated to Los Angeles in order to build a career in entertainment. Over the past five years, K has amassed a following from around the world from music fans to photographers and all the weirdos and outcasts in between.

Since moving to LA, K has made connections in various entertainment sectors, toured as a videographer and merchandise manager, working for internationally renowned artists, and has made content for John Feldmann, Alternative Press Magazine, Lacey Sturm, Maria Sharapova, SGE Entertainment, has filmed behind the scenes at NASA and UFC 241, and more.

K has taken her love for all things abandoned and incorporated it into her artistic style, by setting her projects in derelict environments. She has made some of the most unique content online, not only because she has an eye for detail, but she’s willing to experiment and try unconventional ways of capturing a product, brand identity, band, or story.

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