Wave’s “Raditattoo Me” Tattoo and Tattoo Repair Parlor

With Incarceration getting ready to announce its line up for 2021, we would like to take a minute and introduce you to some of the great tattoo artists that have a booth at the festival.

Meet Wave Judd of Raditattoo Me Tattoo parlor out of Dayton, Ohio.  Wave is a self taught artist who began drawing portraits and realizing there was money to be made with his talent. Having confidence in his abilities, he began with tattooing himself as well as a long line of family members willing to give him a canvas to hone his skills. Seven years ago he opened Raditattoo Me Tattoo and tattoo repair shop. After having a chance to look over his tattoo galleries I found myself in ah over his work thinking damn, this guy looks like he has been tattooing longer than 7 years!!! Wave’s tattoo style is realism and he prides himself on his quality work. When you come into his shop you are always going to be greeted with great customer service and a clean shop!  Below you will see a gallery of Wave’s Tattoo work.


861 Watervliet Ave.

Dayton Ohio 45402

(937) 234-7881



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