Along Came a Spider “Your Reckoning” Video Release

No time is a better time for some new music and Along Came a Spider is making sure we get the best! “American Beauty” was released just a few months ago to rave reviews.

And Now Today…

It’s time for “Your Reckoning”.

For bands, 2020 has seemed like a time of reckoning.

Along Came A Spider hits back at that feeling with new single, “Your Reckoning”, their heaviest offering yet from the current album cycle.

“You take, take, take, from me” begins the chorus, almost in echo of what Covid-19 has done to the music industry. Having all their shows cancelled – including a mainstage slot at Inkarceration Festival – as well as no way to tour behind an already finished album, Along Came A Spider has opted to release their songs individually. The previous four singles have just passed 500,000 streams on Spotify, a milestone the band is proud of.  “A half-million plays a good consolation prize for not being able to hit the road”, says drummer Tony Castillo.

With singer Jamie Miller (a Canadian citizen) impacted by the US border closures, the band has shifted focus. Instead of the heavy gigging ACAS was known for, they are opting to push out singles one-by-one . “We have enough content to last another year if need be”, adds keyboardist Joel Sedlak, who can also be heard screaming on this latest track.  The Cleveland, Ohio-based act is rounded out by guitarist Luke Fockler and bassist John Calo.

Arguably their most aggressive song to date, “Your Reckoning” begins with pounding drums and dissonant guitars, followed by several heavy metal passages. Fans of Korn, Architects, Linkin Park, and From First To Last will recognize the pace and ferocious vocal range. The accompanying lyric video (by Tyler Cobillas @ TC Media) takes a dark and dirty turn, featuring several vintage horror clips underneath the dark subject matter. A fitting visual with spooky season upon us. If this is indeed the time of reckoning, Along Came A Spider is meeting it head-on.

“Your Reckoning” is out worldwide September 18.


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The video is by TC Media courtesy of CB Entertainment.

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