Sad news broke Saturday night that Bittersweet Revenge vocalist/guitar player Marc Kourcklas had tragically passed away from injuries sustained in a motorcycle accident. The Cleveland music scene has lost a talented musician and a great friend to so many. Everyone who knew Marc knows that he loved to party and rock out on stage.

Shannon Hamilton adds, A memory that sticks with me was when I got to go with Dose on the Mushroomhead tour in 2018. Bittersweet Revenge was invited to play the Morgantown W.V. stop on the tour and laid down a massive performance to the crowd. After the set, Marc was in the merch area standing on the benches partying, hustling some merch for Unsaid Fate while watching and supporting every single band that played. It showed just how much he loved the music scene.

Marc had been a lifelong musician and played in bands such as “Fallen Martyrs” with his brothers, Cory and Chris, along with Tom Farkas and Jimmy Dalakis when he was 16 years old. At that time, they won the “Old Fashioned Days Garage Band Competition” and also won Peabody’s Battle of the Bands (2006). Also during that time, Tom Kourkclas, Marc’s father stated, “They definitely had the crowd all into the show, and that showmanship is really what won it for them.”

Fast forward a minute-ish and Marc, along with his brother Cory were in “Worlds Becoming” with Tom Farkas and Kevin Magley. They had more than 3.k followers on MySpace. During their heyday, Worlds Becoming had the privilege of opening for Paul Dianno, the former lead singer of Iron Maiden in 2010.

From that point, many know Marc well from his vocals and guitar in Bittersweet Revenge, and his other project, Rochambeau with Tom Farkas and Kenny Easterly on drums.

The remaining band members of Bittersweet Revenge comment, “Working with Marc on the BSR project the past 4 or 5 years was beyond fulfilling.  Some of the greatest times of our lives we’ve had on stage with him.  Knowing that those times we had together are only in our past and not in our future is devastating.  He was our best friend and the best front man any band could ever ask for.  Words can’t describe how much he will be missed.”

Marc played vocals and guitar for Bittersweet Revenge, along with Dennis Smith on drums, Angel Vasquez on bass guitar and Jake Pence on guitar. Pick up their latest recording, featuring Marc’s vocals HERE



Tracy Morrow adds, “Picture it – The Outpost in Kent, circa 20teen-something. I saw this opening band at the Mushroomhead Show that I’d never seen before. It was “Bittersweet Revenge”. The side banners were the woman with the gun, in case you remember too. Anyway, I knew then that these guys were putting out something special.

Well, the years go by, the shows go by… there wasn’t a single one of them that Marc wasn’t giving it all he had on stage and behind the scenes. The last show where I saw Marc onstage was “The Hellvember Triple Threat” show at the Electric Company in Mansfield. Bittersweet Revenge was co-headlining with DOSE and Detroit Voodoo. Marc, as the rest of the band, was on fire. They were truly a sight and sound to behold.

I fully expected many more shows to come and will always remember Marc as being one of the best musicians around. His vocal range was truly a force of nature and I’d bet money that he could easily reach four octaves and back without an ounce of strain. Truly, a rock star on and off stage, in all the best of ways.

DOSE Twins, Jay and Jeff Morrow chime in, “Bittersweet Revenge drove all the way down to play a one-off with MRH, Unsaid and us, which we thought was dedication for sure. Marc put his arm around me (Jay) like friends do and I remember thinking I don’t really know him but that’s just what kinda person he is.. easy going, fun loving type of guy. That’s nice to be around.. felt positive. Of course, we did more than a few shows together and we got to know him better. He did have a serious side to him as well… a driven side, driven for success with music/work.

In less than 24 hours, over $10,000 was raised to cover funeral expenses. This is an awesome show of support from fans and friends!

There is no telling where Marc would have gone as a musician, but I am quite sure his music would have made a huge difference, because it already has, and his heart and soul will live on in the music he’s left behind. Play it often, and play it loud.


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