CARBONSTONE returns after a seven-year hiatus with the help of Pavement Entertainment!

CARBONSTONE is an industrial alternative metal band hailing from Baltimore, Maryland. They have a sound that is unique and one they can call their own. I simply call it ‘kick ass’!

CARBONSTONE promo photo. Credit to Chrystal Anoxia.

You name it they have it; heavy guitar riffs that blend with a jackhammer hitting rhythm section that is complimented by the outstanding vocal works of one Corey James (listen to interview attached below). Put those things together, shake it up and pour it out and you have a euphonious ball of combustible bliss that is an absolute pleasure to your earholes!

On hiatus since 2014, the band got back together in 2019. Although the entire lineup did not return, several members did, including James. CARBONSTONE had a decent run prior to shutting things down; and with what I’ve heard, I’m betting that success will be matched, if not surpassed.

Carbonstone – AM Trauma (Official Music Video) – YouTube

October 29th is the date for the release of their first album since their return. ‘Dark Matter’ is full of delectable melodic numbers with the power that CARBONSTONE had been known for prior to their hiatus. “AM Trauma”, the album’s first single debuted on July 25th and was well-received, holding its own against bands such as Nonpoint, Any Given Sin and Tantric, all of whom, had new releases in the same timeframe. With the help of Pavement Entertainment, CARBONSTONE is looking to ascend toward the top of the music charts. From what I’ve heard, I see no reason why they can’t reach those lofty goals.

Check the video out as well listening to our interview with James. And remember ‘Dark Matter’ hits most streaming outlets on October 29th.

Until next time, this is Big L saying ‘keep those horns up and rock on’!! \m/ \m/

Carbonstone is:
Corey James –  Vocals/Songwriter/Guitars
Neely Johns – Synths & Production
Tony Correlli – Guitars
Daniel Ryan –  Bass


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