Along Came a Spider, American Beauty Video Release

The suspense for experiencing the latest Along Came a Spider’s video, “American Beauty” is finally over! We’ve been stoked about this project for a long time now and sure you’ll agree it is well worth the wait.

“American Beauty” continues a new era for Along Came a Spider that started with “Galaxy Eyes”. The ten-year-old band spent tons of time, money, and effort in getting this upcoming music video to you.

The mastermind behind the video, including drone shots and more, is none other than Vince Lundi of Vince Lundi Films. The filming location, McGinty’s Pub is near and dear to the band’s hearts and a place where you should all visit to experience the fun and soak up the vibes created from this state of the art video.

The amazing Jessie Barnard starts as the “American Beauty” and takes us all on an adventure of a type of relationship that many will relate to. Great job Jessie!

Anyway, I’m sure y’all want to get to the video, so with two thumbs, and horns up, along with a huge Congratulations to Along Came a Spider for the excellent new offering, we are privileged to release the video! 

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Along Came a Spider is:

  • Jamie Miller – Lead Vocals
  • Luke Fockler – Lead Guitar
  • John Calo – Bass
  • Tony Castillo – Drums
  • Joel Sedlak – Keys/Programming

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