New BOWLING FOR SOUP song pays homage to WWE’s ALEXA BLISS

Music and professional wrestling have always gone hand in hand…I mean what would a wrestler’s walk to the ring look like without a good entrance song? That being said, Bowling For Soup recently released a song dedicated to WWE Superstar and Ohio native Alexa Bliss. In addition to being a six time WWE Champion, it turns out Alexa has been a big fan of the band for years. The feeling is clearly mutual, as the new song titled ‘Alexa Bliss’ is full of lyrics about how awesome the boys in Bowling think she is in and out of the ring…

How can a chick on TV make me feel like this?
She’s got a finishing move called Twisted Bliss
And it’s like my heart is caught in a sleeper hold
Why can’t every girl be more like Alexa Bliss?

Bliss even appears in the official music video, which has a definite ‘Weird Science‘ vibe… yes, including the part where the boys are wearing bras on their heads lol.

You can check out the fun below:


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