SOM asks fans for their own “Personal Jesus”… “Gorgeous” video premieres via

“Putting a heavy twist on a classic shoegaze sound and delivering it all in a dreamy package that’s equal parts melancholic and ethereal. It’s time to escape Earth for a while.” – Rock Sound

“If you like the idea of glacial post-rock that at times feels like Deftones at their most shoegazey, then go check it out”-  KERRANG!

“…heavy/beautiful…” – BrooklynVegan

Asks Fans For Prayers And Confessions
For Concept Video of “Personal Jesus”

Reinterprets Depeche Mode Classic into The Definitive Take on “Doom Pop”

“Gorgeous” Video Premieres on

FAITH EP out May 26th via Sonic Ritual
And As Limited-Edition Cassette

SOM “Personal Jesus”

MAY 25, 2023 (New York, NY) — “Depeche Mode aren’t just some popular band from another era; their catalog transcends era and genre, and their music really resonates,” says vocalist/guitarist Will Benoit of Doom Metal band SOM about their new EP FAITH. Consisting of a handful of reworked covers from the iconic British band, the EP’s latest single “Personal Jesus” takes the 1989 hit and immerses it in guitar-drenched splendor, reimagining it in a post-metal context.  It will be available for streaming HERE and also available as a limited-edition cassette. The high-concept video premieres today on who says, “This somber rendition of the iconic Depeche Mode track exhibits a fresh take on the classic, changing the tone into something just as seductive yet laced with an undying melancholy new to this reinterpretation.”

The original track was the lead single from Depeche Mode’s groundbreaking Violator (1990) album and was also the band’s second U.S. Top 40 hit. “It’s become really clear that Depeche Mode means a lot to so many people that you might not think would love them,” Benoit continues. “Fans have been sharing other Depeche Mode covers they like with us, talking with us about their favorite songs, and asking which other songs we covered. There’s a curiosity and excitement around this collection of music, and the experience of this EP finding its place in the dark magical world of Depeche Mode has been really heartening.”

Transforming Warner Brothers’ original mysterious promotional campaign for the song, SOM and director Samia Zaidi solicited anonymous confessions from readers of the classifieds. Explains guitarist Mike Repasch-Nieves, “When Samia and I were working on the concept, I was inspired to learn how Depeche Mode’s label took out enigmatic personal ads in the UK newspapers before the single came out in 1989 that just said ‘Your own personal Jesus,’ with a number that people could call and hear the song playing on the other end of the line. So we wanted to do a version of that but take it further, by posting an anonymous call for people to share their prayers and confessions with us. These prayers and confessions along with intimate portraits (filmed over several weeks across multiple cities) formed the basis of the video.”

Director Zaidi adds, “The moment I heard the song, a series of very human portraits started playing in my head. There was something about the idea of seeing this smorgasbord of humanity that seemed really fitting for the heavy way the song unfolded. We were mindful of the vulnerability we were asking for and distributed the confessions in different ways. Some were direct accompaniments; others were vaguely placed in order to maintain the anonymity of our subjects and submissions.”

L to R: Justin Forrest (bass), Will Benoit (voice, guitar), Duncan Rich (drums), Mike Repasch-Nieves (guitar), Joel Munguia Reynolds (guitar)

Following the release of their cover of “Enjoy The Silence” which premiered on BrooklynVegan last month, “Personal Jesus” offers a second glimpse in their FAITH EP which also includes “Policy of Truth” (from Violator) and “Never Let Me Down Again” (from 1987’s Music For The Masses). As a companion piece to the current cultural reawakening for the band, which includes their new album and tour and the prominent song placement in the HBO hit series The Last of UsFAITH’s timing is kismet.

Recorded following the pandemic-caused postponement of their EU tour with Katatonia and Sólstafir, the EP is a result of each band member reworking the instrumentation of the classic tracks.  Drummer Duncan Rich and bassist Justin Forrest built a pulsing wall of rhythm, powerfully underpinning the swirling, delay-soaked guitar textures of Repasch-Nieves and inventive riffage of Joel Reynolds to create what might be the group’s most definitive take on “Doom Pop” yet.

Releasing their debut The Fall in 2018, SOM (comprised of current and former members of Constants, Junius, and recent GRAMMY® nominees Caspian) rode a wave of broad media acclaim including REVOLVER (“not far flung from the output of high-volume shoegazers such as Deftones or Hum. Glimmering melancholy”) to Metal Injection (“Your speakers need to be destroyed and your ears infested with every earworm imaginable right this second!… This band can do no wrong”) to New Noise (“SOM have delivered a doom pop masterpiece. Like putting on a big ol’ sonic Snuggie”). Over the course of two albums and an EP, SOM has made their mark indelible. With a third album being worked on and the Faith EP on the way, SOM are primed and ready.

SOM is Will Benoit (voice, guitar), Justin Forrest (bass), Joel Munguia Reynolds (guitar), Mike Repasch-Nieves (guitar), and Duncan Rich (drums). Faith will be released on May 26, 2023 on Sonic Ritual and can be pre-ordered/pre-saved at


  1. Enjoy the Silence
  2. Personal Jesus
  3. Policy of Truth
  4. Never Let Me Down Again

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