Artifas and Silvertung’s SUMMER MELTDOWN TOUR came to an end at The King of Clubs in Columbus, Ohio on July 21. The show was capped by a dynamic showing from KRASHKARMA!

Well, once again it was another successful trip to The King of Clubs in Columbus last Friday, July 21st. I know it may sound like a broken record, but if you have not yet visited TKOC, then you need to do so.

Faith In Failure

Fuel the Funeral Entertainment brought veteran rockers, Artifas and Silvertung, together for a solid tour. The two-band tour was making their last stop on the run. Dynamic Duo, KRASHKARMA, was also in the house displaying their unique two-piece act. Opening the night’s festivities were local artists Bava Choco and Faith in Failure.

Bava Choco

If you are keeping tally at home, Bava Choco and FIF, are two names that you should add to your list of great Columbus area bands. Both groups represented the 614 well. The tandem was full of energy with a power that is second to none. Both band’s lead singers provided outstanding vocals while the men behind them were extremely talented. The tandem local acts continued a string of exceptionally strong talent that Rick and Angie Wolf have brought in to show case the local scene. It would be worth your while to check out their respective social media pages.

Once the locals were done it was time for Silvertung to grab the spotlight on the stage. They did so with a verve and spirit that I fully expected them to do.


Silvertung is one of those bands that I think should be bigger than they are but just haven’t gotten the right break. Don’t get me wrong, they have done the work and have plenty of success. But for whatever reason, they just have not made the progression that they have earned.

Lead vocalist Speed Vincent played the crowd with an effervescent performance that was as great as any that I have seen. He was full of enthusiasm as he bounced back and forth across the spacious TKOC stage, getting the entire room into a frothy frenzy.

His bandmates, Mark Marchetti (lead guitar), Jimy Grime (bass) and Andy Romeo (drums) proved that they have as much talent as any band on the scene today. Silvertung performed past hits such as ‘Never Too Late’ and ‘You and Me’ as well as their latest single, ‘Crutch’.

Artifas, followed and kept the energy level elevated. The Jackson, Tennessee, five-piece quintet have been promoting their latest album, “Reflection”, during the tour. The eleven song EP was dropped late last month.

‘Leave Me For Dead’ and ‘The Dark’ were two songs that they unleashed on the enthusiastic crowd. They also included hits ‘Inhuman’ and ‘Blood 4 Blood’ among others.


Cody Criswell (lead guitar) and Scottie Somerville (lead vocalist) are the only members of the original lineup. They led by example as they collaborated with newest members, Mikey Miller (guitar), Anthony Mattox (bass), and Jared Wainscott (drums) for a spirited performance. They definitely kept the positive vibes rolling as we headed to the final act of the evening, KRASHKARMA.

This dynamic duo based out of Los Angeles, California encapsulated the night’s theme…energy, energy, and more energy.

KRASHKARMA is the continuation of a band called Suicide Holiday, which started in 2006. Founder, Ralf Dietel (guitar/bass) is joined by drummer, Nicole Skistimas. The twosome delivered an in-your-face production that left me in awe and full of amazement.

Dietel plays both the guitar and bass with the same instrument, dubbed Mrs. Frankenstein. The axe combines a guitar jack with a jack and pickup for bass play. To see the dread-wearing musician play is truly an unbelievable experience. Skistimas is just as talented behind the kit and the tandems dueling vocal work is spot on.


KRASHKARMA was the perfect way to end the night. One that I thoroughly enjoyed. It was the first time for this ancient concert goer to see every band on the bill live. That fact was made even more significant as my youngest granddaughter, Braylah, was attending her very first concert.

Once again, the staff of The King of Clubs were on top of their game. But then again, that is something that I have come to expect, and they never let me down. Kudos once again.

I would also be remiss if I did not thank the three national acts for taking the time to get a photo with her. It topped off what was an incredibly special night, one that Braylah and I will not soon forget.

Until next time this is Big L saying, ‘keep those horns up and rock on’!! \m\/ \m/


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