Albany, NY three-piece band, reaLation, releases third video, ‘FYI’ from their “What Lies Beneath” EP!

reaLation promo photo. Photographer unknown.

reaLation is an alternative metal band who dedicates itself to seeking the truth. The songs the band writes focus on real world problems, issues and concerns. reaLation tries to shed light on subject areas that were either taboo or ignored in the past, or issues that have yet to come to the surface. Or in simple terms, true reality.

The band seeks the answers to the following questions: How do we affect our personal peace? How does the way we act and function flavor our lives?

reaLation feels one of the most important facets of human existence is the ability to relate to one another and our surroundings. There have been songs that people have been able to relate to right away and others that have taken an experience or life circumstance to create the connection. It is from this that the term reaLation was created, and the band feels it truly reflects its mission.



reaLation is:

Steve Feliciano-Vocals & Guitar

Vincent Lane-Vocals & Bass

Matt Loucks-Drums


Watch the video for FYI below. You can also find the link to my interview with Lane. Until next time this is Big L saying ‘keep those horns up and rock on!! \m/ \m/



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