Toolebox & The Crew Debuts at The Buzzbin’s New Location

March 11, 2023 (Akron, OH)

The five piece Folk Punk band, Toolebox & the Crew, put on another fantastic performance at the Buzzbin.

The local favorites are no strangers to the Buzzbin, however this was their first show at the venue’s new Location on Kenmore Boulevard in Akron.

Their sound is a well blended mix of classic punk riffs and rhythms, with support from a banjo and violin. The addition of the acoustic instruments adds an incredibly unique element that you’ll rarely hear elsewhere.

Toolebox’s sets will always keep you wondering what’s next to come. The group will play light hearted songs about being high and accidentally running over a Opossum, then transition into more serious songs such as their tune “War of Attrition”.

They ended their set by playing their unreleased song “Yee-Haw for All” that takes a not-so-subtle dig at the state of modern “Pop Country” music. For those that want to hear for themselves, keep an eye out for Toolebox & the Crew’s new album that is set to be released this summer.

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