Scum of the Earth releases single “Zigguratus Of Mesopotamia”!! Listen to our interview with lead


“Ziggurats Of Mesopotamia” can be streamed/downloaded at:

Scum of the Earth Release New Single “Ziggurats Of Mesopotamia”!

Former Rob Zombie guitarist Riggs and his band Scum Of The Earth wants everyone to know that Aliens are already here.

 “This is a song about ancient aliens living in the face on Mars and hiding out on earth exterminating humans …” says Riggs.

Nasty guitar and industrial beats are what fans expect from S.O.T.E. and they won’t be let down with this release.

The single marks the first release for S.O.T.E under their new label deal with TLG / INgrooves.

Listen to Big L’s interview of Riggs below!



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