Rock Lines Magazine loves bands that make a huge impact on the music scene. Raven Black is one band that continues to impress us with every new release. The Key is a dark metal journey of emotions that starts off with Mirror Mirror  a creepy nursery rhyme intro into Hear Me Cry. This in my opinion is a song that’s not getting the attention it deserves. The song starts out with clean guitar, then Ravens mesmerizing vocals come in “I sit here all alone….in the dark no one knows….my eyes so lost the light is dead.”  You can almost feel the internal struggle in her lyrics. Watch Hear Me Cry below:


Darkest Pit was written by Raven specially for one of the bands own Rejects who was struggling with a dark period in his life. If you’re a fan of dark/black metal then prepare for the ride of your life. The Doctor’s guitar work on this song and the entire album honestly has been some of his best. My Demons, He is the one, Risen from the Ashes, Carnival are all songs that make you want to jump out of your seat and slam into someone. Muppet really stands out to me on these four songs I can just feel his energy in every beat, Cheers man!!

5 Feet Underground is a spine-tingling journey of emotions from the cute doll voice that lures you into the underworld, then blasts you with anger and insanity! I absolutely love Stitches bass work on this song, just a heavy metal doom groove. I always love when bands do something different it makes them stand out from masses. We Are The Rejects is the Anime sounding theme song for the entire Raven Black fan base known as Rejects! The beginning of the song gives you a heavy vibe just before taking you on a groovy ride.  I have seen first hand what a great fan base this is, as members donate into a private fund that helps a reject in need monthly. So it’s only fitting that the band would honor the fans with a reject anthem.

In The Silence was a shocking surprise, I really wasn’t prepared for this song!!  I was really pumped after being bombarded with metal, but as I calmed down I realized how deep this song is. Written for a fellow reject and it felt to me to be a beautiful healing tribute to a lost loved one.

The last couple years I have got to see Raven Black opening for some great bands. It is rough seeing a 30 minute set from these guys because I believe you have to see the full set to truly appreciate what Raven Black is all about. Raven Black’s “The Key” is in our top 5 album releases for 2020. Covid 19 has been a challenge for the entire music industry. Releasing an album during a pandemic with no touring just sucks.  So a big horns up to Raven Black for giving us an amazing album to help us get through this pandemic.





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