Freaks on Parade invade North Central Ohio

August 03, 2022 – Blossom Music Center

Freaks on Parade. A simple idea. Gather together four iconic bands from the turn of the century era, and watch the freaks show up. And they did – in droves.

Rob Zombie, Mudvayne, Static-X, and Powerman 5000 put on one helluva show from front to back. Rob even mentioned during his set the fact his ex-manager said this tour wouldn’t work. Of course Rob is closer in tune with his fanbase, and I for one thought this was one of the best lineups he had put together in some time.

Powerman 5000

Spider One and crew were the first ones to crank up the rock. It was a great set packed full of PM5K hits, culminating in When Worlds Collide. This brought most of those that were sitting to their feet, with a large portion of the crowd singing along to the chorus.

As the set finished up, the crowd was more than appreciative giving a great round of screams to show their support.

Powerman 5000 Photo Gallery


Continuing the well received feedback they gathered on the 20th anniversary celebration tour in 2019, Static-X was back on tour. Sharing their music with the fans, Xer0 was firmly behind the microphone. 

About two-thirds of the way through their set, Wayne Static was there in spirit as the band dedicated the song Cold to him. They continued on with a couple of more songs finishing the set with the iconic cut Push It.

The performance was straightforward as they blistered through the tunes to the delight of those in attendence.

Static-X Photo Gallery


With the main curtain covering the front of the stage it was about to go down. Anticipation for Mudvayne was high, and you could tell by the amount of fans wearing Mudvayne t-shirts.

Chad Gray was ready to go as soon as the curtain dropped. They sounded fantastic tonight.

As they carved through their twelve-song set, Chad worked the crowd, getting into the crowd more than once. It appeared as genuine appreciation for those in the pit. He even stated at one point how awesome it was that everyone was rocking out like the music just came out, ignoring the fact it had been released over a decade ago.

As the band worked the stage, and Chad continued to work the crowd, they finished the set with World So Cold, and Happy?

Mudvayne Photo Gallery

Rob Zombie

With a blistering speedy changeover, it was time for the main act.

The stage was now adorned with a large Zombie skull riser and super-saturated red and other color lighting. As the music kicked on, Rob popped out atop the riser as they performed The Triumph of King Freak.

The riser was whisked away so fast after the first song, it appeared it was magic. The stage was now a playground for Rob Zombie, John 5, Piggy D, and Ginger Fish. As they blasted through Superbeast with LED video screens projecting various oddities of images behind them.

Meet The Creeper was up next and the stage was now accompanied by The Creeper, another massive prop that walked around the stage through the song.

A continual rotation of props, saturated lighting, creepy-crawly imagery, and thundering music was what the night had in store.

Rob has amazing energy as he runs around the stage and works the crowd. The fifteen-song set included all of the classics and even the latest Rob Zombie release Shake Your Ass – Smoke Your Grass, which is a fun song that veers away from his typical horror themes.

Rob Zombie Photo Gallery

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