Lenne releases debut single “Letting You Down” via IMAGEN RECORDS!

Leonard Cerzosie Jr. has been around the music scene for what seems like a lifetime. He started a band with his brother, Jeff, called The Infinite Staircase in the early 2000’s. The group released ‘The Road Less Traveled’ and it did very well for an independent debut, and earned them a spot on the Black Label Bash tour along with BLS, Sevendust and DOPE.

The Infinite Staircase forged many friendships during that run and led to several side projects. One of those is Lenne, which includes Leonard Cerzosie, Jim Taylor and Sevendust drummer, Morgan Rose.

Joined by other well known musicians such as Corey (Seether) and Clint (Sevendust) Lowery the trio has released their first single “Letting You Down” via IMAGEN RECORDS.

The song can be downloaded/streamed at https://songwhip.com/lenne/letting-you-down

Lenne promo photo, photographer unknown

Check out the video as well as Rock Lines Magazine interview with Taylor. Due to technical difficulties and other issues, the interview was done in two sessions. We’d like to thank Jim Taylor for his graciousness of sitting through both.


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