Savage After Midnight (S.A.M.) Releases So Low

S.A.M. (Savage After Midnight) released “So Low” at the end of June and the video and song have exploded! You’ll find it on Spotify Rock Hard, New Metal Tracks, New Noise, New Blood and Loudwire Weekly Wire playlists; Apple Music Breaking Hard Rock and New In Rock; Amazon Music Breakthrough Rock & Fresh Rock; Pandora New Rock Now & New Rock Radio, LiveXLive New Metal Now, and more.

In the official press release Shi Eubank, vocalist, comments, “So Low’ was so much fun to create. I did it with Producers Andrew Baylis and Jayden Panesso for the band Sylar. I told them I wanted to have a good blend of heavy and sing-along, so we did just that. The song is about the struggle of wanting to stay with someone that always puts you second. My favorite lyrics are in the pre-chorus “Holding on to nothing like it’s something I can’t live without”. I think everyone has felt that at some point in their lives. I hope it hits home”.

Co-Producer Jayden Panesso adds: “I’m very excited to finally have this track released. It’s a really dope one amongst all the songs we recorded during quarantine. I guess that’s one of the things that makes this entire batch of songs so special. Just crazy to think of meeting Shi through our attorney in the fall of 2019 to then making an entire list of songs a couple months after. We definitely hit it off from the start and we ended up making something special. This was one of the tracks where we know we wanted to go really heavy, and having Andrew Baylis involved was perfect for the situation. It’s really wild how things worked out, and I’m glad I was able to do something productive during such a dark time with the COVID pandemic. Here’s to the future!”

The video for “So Low” was shot by Eric Dicarlo of Square Up Studios during a rowdy party at Eubank’s home in Nashville as a way to cut loose post-pandemic. It’s powerful, sexy and hard, but don’t take my word for it. Check it out yourself and let me know how you dig it!

Check Out “So Low” – or below…

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