Avatar finishing up Day One on Lookout Stage at Upheaval Fest was an exclamation point on an outstanding day.

Swedish rockers, AVATAR, capped off Friday night’s Lookout Stage acts with an arousing performance that sent the crowd into a frenzy. AVATAR‘s production is one-of-kind, and the five-piece “Freak Show” has steadily built quite the following in the United States. Their presentation is well thought out and the showmanship they give is top notch. This performance was no different beginning with drummer, John Alfredsson taking the stage with a bouquet of flowers and madly tossing them out to the fans. Once the rest of the band took the stage, the Uprisers were ready to explode and that’s exactly what they did with front man, Johannes Eckerstrom orchestrating the mayhem. If you’ve never seen this Swedish power, you owe it to yourself to do so. Those in attendance at Upheaval Festival were blown away. Here are a few photos from AVATAR’s time on the stage.


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