DOYLE …. ABOMINATE THE WORLD AS WE DIE WORLD TOUR 2022 / Wednesday 13- Columbus, Ohio


King Of Clubs was the place to be as Doyle rolled into Columbus, Ohio and kicked ass. After a couple year break from touring it was great to see Doyle and Alex Story back on stage doing what they do best. Wolfgang Von Frankenstein never disappoints, the hardest hitting guitar player I’ve ever seen, fingers taped up as he slammed through the set Monster style. Alex Story is a very energetic front man, you never know where or what he’s gonna do while on stage. Alex told the crowd “this is a love song you can dance to if ya want. Alex climbed the speaker stacks dancing and rolling all over the stage while entertaining the crowd.

Now if one headliner wasn’t good enough King of Clubs gave you two, adding Wednesday 13 Celebrating 20 years of fear. Wednesday 13 played through a setlist that covered the last 20 years, including a great tribute to the Late great Joey Jordison and Murder Dolls bandmate dedicating summertime suicide to him. Another highlight is Clevelands own Daniel Fox on the drums this tour. So get off your ass and catch Wednesday 13 on the remaining dates of their tour. Also Don’t forget to catch Alex Story and Cancerslug headlining tour dates.



ALEX “Wolfman” STORY: Vocals


Wade Murff: Drums

Brandon Strate: Bass




Wednesday 13 Photos April 2nd 2022


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