Bourbon House “Into the Red” Album Review

Bringing the best of the honky-tonk, bluesy, classic rock into today’s music is something that Bourbon House is clearly passionate about. Being a lifelong fan of this flavor of rock n’ roll, I was more than happy to check out their newest album, “Into the Red”. Here is my two-cents:

“Dead in the Water” is the first track on this album and kicks it off right! Lacey Crowe has the voice to do this style of music justice, with just a slight rasp that is the cherry on top of this rockin’, groovy tune. On those days that you must kick ass, you’ll want this song in your collection, playing at a high volume. The breakdown will bring out the stank face on even the most discriminating music critics.

“6000 Miles” intros with some bassy juiciness with a nice pinch of steel country style guitars – with a little extra ass to it. I’m digging the rock-a-billy flavor with the lower vocals. there is some slide guitar to drive the grittiness home. The tambourine, which I haven’t heard forever in modern music, perfectly enhances this song.

The third track on “Into the Red” is “Too High To Care” and has an upbeat, fun, vibe with some ass-kicking attitude! There is a sweet twang in the guitar that creates a southern rock vibe. Of course, the vocals are spot on. The burlesque sort of middle 8 is HOT!

“I Got Trouble” slows down into a bluesy, steamy melody with delicious guitars. The breakdown brings it all home, with full out vocals that you’ll feel on a gut deep level. It reminds me of some of the bands I’ve heard at the New York cabaret clubs, the ones with the speakeasy vibe to them – superb!

We head back to the honky-tonk vibe for “Love Sick”. The vocals have a huge attitude in this one and the instruments keep up admirably with a raw, super sexy delivery, all the way through.

“Devil On My Heels” is one of my favorite tracks. It has a relaxed drive and a groove that will sweep you off your feet. And, what is this???? A Cowbell??? VERY COOL! I love the “can’t sit still” quality of this one.

I think “Keep Your Head” must be a gospel song because those vocals are taking me to church! The fuzzy bass, backing vocals are outstanding and the guitar is bringing it! Kudos to the songwriter on this one.

“Slow Burn” is deliciously slow and steamy. It has some blues and a jazz vibe that creates the smoky, late night, had a few drinks, but not totally drunk, environment. The vocals are crazy sick in this one and I’m a converted bourbonite after hearing those crying guitars.

The final track, “Unavailable” brings out the wah and groovin’ vibes that reinvigorate my hippie heart. The drums get to shine in this song and the guitars go into a juicy jam mode. Stellar ending to an overall amazing album!

Bourbon House Is:

  • Lacey Crowe on vocals
  • Jason Clark on guitar
  • Ryan Sargent on drums
  • Jon Peck on bass

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