It’s time to shine some Rock Lines light onto The Bunny The Bear. This American/Post Hardcore group hailing from Buffalo, New York, was recently at the 2021 SummitFest in Akron, Ohio, and we were lucky enough to be in attendance.

One of the things we at Rock Lines Magazine love to see, are bands that have not yet hit our radar. One of the easiest, and most rewarding ways to get introduced to a new band is to check out festivals in your area and see all of the bands on the roster.

As we previewed the bands that were on the roster in the days leading up SummitFest, we were really only familiar with the local offering and the headliner. As we flipped through the tunes of The Bunny The Bear, they stood out with their synth-pop influence, and dual vocal stylings. Listening to their cover of Weeknd’s Blinding Lights, intrigue set in. On the surface, this had a much heavier sound than their 2020 release Afterglow. Of course it wasn’t a surprise once we went back through their catalogue. There are plenty of hard hitting songs they have produced over the years.

Check out the video for FUTURES!

Fast forward to 2021 SummitFest

As The Bunny The Bear took to the stage, it was a “holy shit” type moment. It could have been the fact the sound-man’s mix was on eleven, or just the fact they are just this ferocious in a live setting.

Ripping into their set-list with fervor, they had our attention immediately. As The Bunny commanded the stage, and the security pit briefly, the band kept things hammering on stage. Switching vocals from The Bunny to The Bear gave a super heightened live dynamic. The crowd was locked into what these six were doing,  and things were getting plenty stirred up.

And then just like that, it was over.

The Bunny’s microphone crashed to the ground and the band left the stage in disappointment.

The crowd just stood there – as the silence took over.

What?!? Yep… apparently due to a noise curfew, The Bunny The Bear were stopped from performing any more songs after they belted out the first few so the headliner could get on stage. (To be fair, the headlining set that followed was also chopped significantly.)

Well, I’ll tell you what, most were still not disappointed in what we just witnessed. They made a high impact in about 15 minutes, and even if they would have gotten their full set in, it probably would still leave us wanting more – and that is a great thing.

Luckily you might have a chance to catch them again. They are headed out on tour with Vampires Everywhere for some select dates (Note the *). Put ’em on your list to see!


The Bunny The Bear from 2021 SummitFest – ©2021 Allen Heimberger

The Bunny The Bear from 2021 SummitFest – ©2021 Shannon Hamilton

The Bunny The Bear’s latest album Afterglow on Spotify!

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