Rollin’ Thunder Motorcycle Club’s 25th Annual Concert review!

Back on July 10th I had the privilege of covering my first show since the COVID pandemic hit. I made the trek to Defiance, Ohio for the Rollin’ Thunder Motorcycle Club’s 25th Annual Concert & Poker Run. The event was used to raise money for the Ohio Veteran’s Home.

My only regret to the days’ events was that some things came up which prevented me from getting to the club soon enough to see all the acts. My son, Jeremy, and I wanted to join in the poker run but those plans were quashed by Mother Nature’s plans for the following morning.

I would like to give my apologies to Wicked Willy and his Conspiracy Theory, Sudden Switch and RMO for missing their performances. I really do look forward to getting to all to see the opening acts. After all, bands such as Godsmack, Slipknot and the likes didn’t start out as the headliners they are today!

With that said, I was able to make it to see some pretty kick ass local, regional and national talent. Evil Jones, 3X Band, Bones of Goliath, Medusa’s Ex and Lines of Loyalty collaborated to make it a night to remember. All five bands gave riveting performances, giving those who have missed the thrill of live music as glimore of hope of what the future may look like. It was quite invigorating for this big guy, that’s for sure.

3X Band

Not only was the entertainment top notch, so to was the host of the event, Rollin’ Thunder Motorcycle Club as well as the many vendors in attendance. The club members were all welcoming and friendly while always willing to lend a helping hand.

There was no shortage of food trucks sitting around. If anyone went hungry it was their own fault. I indulged in an amazing twin serving of Coney dogs myself.

Evil Jones was the first band that I witnessed on this slightly overcast Saturday evening. While I live in close proximity to where this four-piece ensemble hails from, it was the first time that I actually saw them live. I can honestly say it has been my loss. I was quite impressed with Evil Jones. The four-piece ensemble will by high on my watch list from now on. Not only were they good, but they also delivered the first note of LIVE MUSIC I heard, thus putting the past year-and-a-half behind me.

Medusa’s Ex

My good and very talented friend, Todd Roth, sat behind the kit with the next band. 3X Band was new project put together just months before the show. They were very good, despite that fact. Hopefully we’ll see more of them in the future.

Medusa’s Ex, which boasts four members of the band formerly known as Angola Road, took to the main stage next. Zak Shaffer joined Johnny Cappelletty, Dave Hams, Andy Kunkel and Jay Shrodek for a set that was very new to me. Medusa’s Ex is much heavier than that of AR’s. Regardless, the musicianship of the five-piece band was outstanding as is their EP.

Prior to the final band of the night, the three-piece powerhouse, Bones of Goliath, took to the second stage. It was an absolute tremendous set delivered by the trio. They were an excellent choice to lead the concert to its finish.

Bones of Goliath


Closing out the day’s festivities were Lines of Loyalty, a three-piece group from Kenosha,  Wisconsin. LOL is highlighted by the sweet vocal works of Glenn Nubz (guitar) and Redo Ianni, along the powerful stick work Shane Madsen. Their tune “I’m Not the One”, has been getting plenty of air time on Sirius XM’s Octane over the past six months. The tune, as well as the rest of their material are truly a welcoming attention-getter to the listener’s ear holes.

As the show came to a close I hadn’t realized that five hours had come and gone. All I can say is; ‘WHAT A NIGHT’!!!

Thanks to the Rollin’ Thunder Motorcycle Club, Tobe Drew and Todd Roth for allowing me to cover the show. You were all class acts!

Lines of Loyalty

Check out the photo gallery from the day’s event below. Until next time, this is Big L saying ‘keep those horns up and rock on’!! \m/ \m/



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