JOYOUS WOLF Talks to Rock Lines at Upheaval Festival

On a rainy day in Belknap Park, Joyous Wolf took to the Main Stage of Upheaval Festival. At that time the crowd was still working on getting their concert energy levels up…and who can blame them? On top of the rain, most of us have been locked down for the last year…and to finally be at a show felt a bit like walking slow mo through a dream… but no worries, because Joyous Wolf was there to get everyone’s music festival mojo moving. Immediately after a performance that included killer vocals, ripping guitar solos, and more flips on a wet catwalk than I can count, a tired and still slightly damp Joyous Wolf sat down with Rock Lines Magazine for a chat.

Click on the video below to see what Nick Reese and Blake Allard had to say about being back on stage, touring, and so much more….

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