VentanA and the Rebirth of Crossbreed at the Odeon Cleveland, Ohio


July 3rd will go down as one of the greatest days of 2021. Crossbreed came out of an 11 year hiatus and laid down a blistering set on the Cleveland crowd. Grinders throwing sparks across the stage and high in the air, as vocalist James Rietz lead the assault on Cleveland. James commented to me today, that it felt good to give people a place to be normal again, including himself. So many familiar faces were in attendance for this show just proves how big a role music plays in our lives. Crossbreed is an industrial/nu metal band formed in 1996. The band gained a following after touring with Rammstein and Static-X in 2001, getting their Synthetic Division album from the same year to sell 100,000 copies. In 2008, the band opened their own recording studio dubbed “The Candy Factory”. Who knows what Crossbreed has planned for the future but if Saturday’s sold out show was any indication, well then hell yes give the fan’s some more!! Below you can see some video from the show compliments of Gawd6sic6. Make sure to keep following the Crossbreed page for any updates.

Set List 


VentanA closed out this amazing night with a performance that was outstanding. To understand VentanA you really have to get out and watch them live. Scott Beck commands the center stage or wherever you might find him, stage diving, crowd surfing, or crowd walking. Their high energy show demands attention and honestly I would like to see this band blaze it up on the road. Eric Hess has done an amazing job with his role in VentanA, and Tommy kills it on the guitar as always. Huge shout out to Rick Thomas and Daniel fox for working their asses off to make this show happen, as well as pulling double duty on stage. Be sure to grab a copy of the new cd, The Nature of Betrayal.



Big shout out to Axioma for opening up the show unfortunately I missed the set..

Also check out the design for the vip poster for the show designed by Elizabeth Crowley  Photo (Jim Viancourt)




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