After a year like 2020, we are all in the market for some entertainment and good news. Well look no further because so much exciting stuff is about to come our way from Saliva. Its been 20 years since the release of their chart topping platinum studio album, “Every Six Seconds”We wondered what plans the band had to celebrate this momentous occasion, so we went straight to the current frontman Bobby Amaru to find out, and the answer was A LOT.
Audio Interview with Saliva Vocalist Bobby Amaru:

For starters, the current line up, Bobby Amaru (vocals), Wayne Swinny (guitar), Paul Crosby (drums), Brad Stewart (bass) has completed a new EP. The EP, appropriately titled Every Twenty Years”, features re-recordings of several songs off the “Every Six Seconds” album, along with remakes of Spyhunter and Spoonman. The EP will release on May 7.
Also coming from Saliva in 2021 will be an album of cover songs. Amaru is tight lipped about exactly what songs the band chose to cover, but he says fans have some big surprises in store.
Now we can’t talk about the anniversary of the album without mentioning the original lead vocalist, Josey Scott. About a year ago there was quite a stir online that Scott might be reuniting with his old bandmates for a 20th anniversary tour. That is not the case. Scott is not a part of current touring plans, nor was he involved in the production of the new EP. Amaru, who has been behind the mic with Saliva for a decade now, sites the support he has received from Saliva’s loyal fan base as part of what motivated the band to make this EP.  There have been some attempts online to stir controversy over this, but Amaru assures us that there was no malice intended in the re-recording of these tracks and is optimistic that fans will see that when another band project, an 18-minute behind the scenes documentary about Every Twenty Years, is released on their website in late April.

But wait, there’s more….fans will be able to get a sneak peek of the new EP via a livestream event on Friday, April 9 at 6:00 p.m. PT. “What Happens in Vegas, Streams in Vegas”, presented by Live From Las Vegas, will see SALIVA perform tracks from “Every Twenty Years”. Livestream tickets, Zoom VIP Experience and merch packages can be purchased at

And of course, anyone that has followed this band knows they are touring machines. They are starting off making up shows postponed by the pandemic. They will also be hitting some dates with Puddle of Mudd, and by the end of summer they are Sturgis bound. You can keep an eye on their tour dates HERE. 

So that about sums it up. At Rock Lines Magazine we are looking forward to checking out all these projects, and cannot wait to check out a live show soon!