Blisskrieg, with former band members of Tantric, Days of the New and Eye Empire, self release their first album, “Remedy”

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BLISSKRIEG is four-member band that includes former members of Tantric, Days of the New and Eye Empire. The quartet got together during the tumultuous times of COVID-19 and went to work putting an album together which dropped on February 22, 2019. When all was said and done, a ten-song compilation titled “Remedy” was the result.

“Remedy” was BLISSKRIEG’S way of working through the ups and downs of the pandemic. The foursome forged a brotherhood that produced an outstanding piece of work. “Remedy” is well worth putting in your musical library.

Photo credit to Shaun Carswell.

Inside of Me’ is the opening track and lets the listeners know that this isn’t just a normal start up group. Todd Whitener (guitar), Donald Carpenter (vocals), Matt Taul (drums) and Jesse Vest (bass) all have established themselves as talented and successful musicians. Put them in the same room and creative juices explode and the result was an outstanding debut album.


(2844) BLISSKRIEG “Inside Me” – YouTube


Up next is ‘Parasitic’ which has that Days of the New feel and is a refreshing throwback. Meanwhile ‘Take It Back’ may be my favorite tune on the album. It’s lyrically sound and the rhythm work by Vest and Taul are simply put, amazing.

‘She Cries’ once again proves that Blisskrieg belongs. In fact, if you didn’t listen to another chord or vocal sound of the rest of the album you would walk away a satisfied customer. The first four tracks on “Remedy” are pure gold and they easily could lead the album to that glorified height.

Taul and Vest once again showcase their talents to begin ‘Destination Unknown’. With a R&B feel to it, this tune stretches the talent level to a whole new level. It shows the diversity that the band has which will benefit this project should they decide to take it for the long haul.

Photo credit Shaun Carswell.

‘Rise and Fall’ ‘New Age’ and ‘Waiting’ is where one would figure that the musical delight would coast until the finish. Only one problem with that thinking is that the trio of tunes do not slow the album down at all, if anything they just enhance the brilliance of it.

As the album comes to its final two songs, I sit and think to myself that despite the way the last year has gone, at least something good has come from it. ‘Wherever You Go’ highlights the range that Carpenter has and that seems to be limitless.

Finally, the title track closes out the album and while I was waiting for a dud, it just never came. ‘Remedy’, both the single as well as the album in its entirety is an absolute gem. I give “Remedy” an 8; meaning It is definitely one that you should rush out and put in your musical library.

Check out our interview with Jesse Vest below as well as the link to stream and download “Remedy”.

Until next time, this is Big L saying ‘keep those horns up and rock on!! \m/ \m/

Photo credit to Shaun Carswell.

Stream and download album HERE.

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