Rock Lines Magazine:  What made you want to become a tattoo artist?

Phil Rich – I was 17 years old when I got my first tattoo. Me and my buddy got caught half way through and I ended up finishing my first tattoo. After that I would tell the story and everyone was like “I want a tattoo”. So I started tattooing my friends in 2005.

How many Years Tattooing / years you have had your own shop

Phil Rich – All in all I’ve had a bout 16 years around the art and tattoo industries. Some months are dedicated to raw artwork on paper with colored pencil, acrylic painting, pen and ink, and charcoals. If I am not tattooing I am still performing artwork daily.

Tattoo style that best describes your work

Phil Rich – I’m more of an illustrative artist, and work in a variety of styles. Fine line black and grey is what I’ve done for a long time, I only started tattooing color in the past 3 years.

Most important part of your relationship with a client

Phil Rich – I think that for me the most important element between any artist and client would be trust. Id say the majority of folks who come through my door already trust me. If a client is weary of the process its always a priority to make them feel comfortable and trust the individual process.

Most hour’s spent on one tattoo

Phil Rich – I have tattooed one person for 16 hours with breaks. Sometimes clients are in a hurry and my younger self would indulge in long sessions compared to now I pace myself with 8 hour days.

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101 E Main St Syracuse, IN 46567


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