Rock Lines Magazine would like to introduce Tiffany Sutton co-owner and artist at Envious Ink, Mansfield, Ohio. When it comes to music festivals and tattooing, Inkcarceration is quickly becoming one of Ohio’s premiere events. Bringing tattoo artists from all over the U.S. to Mansfield’s Ohio State Reformatory. This will be Tiffany’s third year representing Envious Ink at Inkcarceration, which has won awards at the festival in each of the previous years for Asian and color tattoos. When you come into her shop, getting to know you a little bit helps her to design a tattoo that best represents your ideas. We asked her what the longest tattoo session was and she replied that six hours has been the  longest so far. After having time to look over some of Tiffany’s work its clear she is a very talented artist. We asked what describes her style best and she replied geometric and line work as her strongest areas. Unfortunately Tiffany is booked for the festival this year, but I strongly recommend you stop and check out her art. Below you will find a gallery as well as other links to contact her for future tattoo work.



(567) 247-6000









  • May 23, 2021 at 1:29 pm

    Tiffany always nails my idea! Y’all need to book now, because you have to wait for talent!


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