Bare Knuckle Tattoo Returns To Inkcarceration 2021


Bare Knuckle Tattoo is Watertown’s highest quality, award winning, tattoo studio specializing in realism, color, black & grey, neo & traditional tattooing.

Rocklines Magazine would like to introduce you to Kristina Pafford owner of Bare Knuckle Tattoo from NY. Kristina started doing piercing’s at the age of 16. When she turned 18 she went to a local tattoo shop to get a piercing and was asked if she was looking for work. Kristina expressed interest in tattooing and began an apprenticeship. She started tattooing her friends under supervision for 6 months. We asked her what is the most important part when interacting with a potential client and she responded that it’s important to be able to communicate with the client who may not have the artistic ability to put their idea on paper. We asked what is the biggest tattoo she has ever done and she said it was a piece that involved 100 hours of work. Kristina is looking forward to a return trip to Inkcarceration 2021, make sure to stop by and check out her work.

129 Franklin St,Watertown NY



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