Do You Like Scary Stories? Check out LORD CHAZ on PARANORMAL POP CULTURE’s Fireside Chat

Let’s be honest, we could all use a chance to escape the doldrums of this quarantine. Enter the Paranormal Pop Culture Fireside Chat podcast hosted by Aaron Sagers. Tomorrow night’s episode features Ohio native & infamous New Orleans Vampire Lord Chaz Howell. You might recognize him from the 69 eyes video “Borderline”, or if you have ever been to The Big Easy you have probably witnessed him leading a group of unexpecting tourists through the darker side of the French Quarter.

Lord Chaz will share the creepiest tales from the Crescent City’s haunted history, discuss all things paranormal, dispel some inaccuracies, and answer your questions live.

On top of being very knowledgeable in the haunted history of NOLA, The Lord is a skilled storyteller with a wicked sense of humor (would you expect any less from a vampire?).

Now, I might be biased…being that a) I have been on his tour before, and b) I am a generally a spooky girl….but, I definitely recommend taking this opportunity to tune in to this talented and macabre raconteur. So prepare to get scared…turn off the lights, light some candles, grab a class of wine, and click HERE Wednesday, April 22, 9 pm ET.


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