‘Songs in Quarantine: No Strings Attached’ by Sepsiss

Let’s be especially thankful of those who are helping us get through the challenging times. That includes our beloved musicians. Sharing their art with us as we share the trauma of the pandemic is a generous gift to help us feel more hopeful and comfortable.

Sepsiss recently posted Songs in Quarantine: No Strings Attached. I had immediate goose bumps with Melissa’s gorgeous vocal tones. I think y’all will love this version of the song as much as I do. Play it often and share it profusely to help bring some happiness to this isolating time.

I must mention, this is not an official release. “Songs in Quarantine: No Strings Attached” is a stunning acoustic gift to help fans feel more connected and less isolated. You don’t need to be a metal fan to appreciate this though. The folksy ballad will be something that can cross multiple genres’.


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