Texas Rockers ZOMBIEKING- EP Review and Interview

Texas has long been the home of great rock bands whether it’s heavy metal, punk or just good old fashioned rock-n-roll. Bands like Pantera, Drowning Pool, Butthole Surfers and ZZ Top all hail from the Lone Star State and have given the youth of Texas something to strive for.

I love Texas rock including the previously mentioned and others like Texas Hippie Coalition, Sons of Texas and Fire from the Gods.
Pavement Entertainment boasts a solid lineup of artists such as Soil, Flaw and Puddle of Mudd just to name a few. They have been on a roll of late signing some great new Texas bands including Texas Taliban and Waxpanel, to their artist partnership program. Now you can add the name ZombieKing to that list.
This heavy metal foursome calls Robstown home and they recently (March 13) released a four song EP entitled “Dead to Life. Despite being a four song collection, this gem is packed full of outstanding metal.
‘Life’ is a 33 second intro that leads to the fast-paced, in your face ‘Dead at the Scene’. This tune is a great way to introduce ZK to those who have not yet heard them. The song, which was released as a video, puts a spotlight on the multitude of talent that lies within this powerhouse ensemble. Juan Manuel is spectacular with his vocal work. Guitarist Eddie Salinas, the bands founder, does a terrific job of laying down solid heavy metals riffs and licks on his guitar while Andrew Garza (bass) and Cosme Williams (drums) combine to peel your face of with their rhythm collaboration.
Actually, the same could be said for ‘Kings’ and ‘Down Below’ which follow. ZombieKing closes things out with a spectacular ballad entitled ‘Texas Sky’. ZK’s sound is contagious and it leaves you the edge of your seat waiting for the next tune. In fact, if I have anything bad to say about “Dead to Life” it would be that it just isn’t long enough. With that said, it is still is a must have.
According to the band they want to continue to create the best music they possibly can and to infect the world with the ZK sound.  I for one am all about seeing that happening. Visit your favorite streaming service and see for yourself what this Texas foursome has to offer.
Check out our interview below.
Until next time this is Big L saying ‘keep those horns up and rock on’!! \m/ \m/
Interview with ZombieKing Juan Manuel

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