GEOFF TATE Electrifies Crowd at Beachland Ballroom (Cleveland)

On what turned out to be a beautiful night in Cleveland, Ohio……Geoff Tate played two amazing sets. Rage For Order and Empire at the Beachland Ballroom. I remember the first time I heard Geoff sing live. It was May 25, 1991, at the old Richfield Coliseum and I was blown away. Tate hit the stage in Cleveland with a smile on his face as he belted out Walk In The Shadow’s. Rage For Order released in 1986 is one of those albums where you go DAMN, this album is amazing with songs like The Whisper, The Killing Words, and I Will Remember. Geoff Tate is why you come out for a rock show, his vocals are strong and you can tell he feels the music as he performs. After rocking the crowd for a little over an hour, Tate told the crowd they would be taking a 15 minute break and would be back to play Empire.

In this day and age it’s amazing to hear one great album performed in its entirety, let alone two!  When the lights went dim the second time, the crowd was even more pumped up because they knew what was coming as the crowd screamed “EMPIRE” then the band rocked out the song Best I Can. Empire is soon to hit its 30th anniversary in August, it reached triple-platinum status. The single, Silent Lucidity, reached number 1 on the mainstream rock tracks and 9 on the billboard hot 100. Geoff Tate remarked during the show that “a lot of babies were made to this song” as the band started to play Silent Lucidity. Geoff’s band is comprised of Kieran Robert’s and Scott Moughton on guitar’s, Felix Bohnke on drums, and bass player Jack Ross.

I thought Geoff and his band gave an amazing performance, the venue was packed and everyone had a good time. If you have never seen Geoff perform live, I highly recommend it.

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